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I love the other Lamy...
September 15, 2012
I love the other Lamy products that I have bought and had high hopes for this one to. But it was not to be. I have large hands and like a large diameter heavy pen. That was the only good think about it I'm not sure about how it writes because I had nothing but trouble getting the ink to flow it skipped and stopped writing all the time I tried several diferent inks with the same results. But the worst thing is that the tip drys out when it is closed. I had trouble getting it to start writting everytime I let it sit then it would start skipping again. I'm using a converter and pulling the ink thru the nib but once that ink is gone its starts skipping. I has very disapointed Lamy has always had such good products.
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I bought this pen and...
September 30, 2015
I bought this pen and have had nothing but problems. At first the mechanism was smooth but after one week of use it began to get stuck and only with great force could it be opened. Then it came out of alignment. I returned it to Lamy for repair and it the problem was fixed for a few weeks but now only operates with great force. Someone needs to go back to the drawing board. Warning -- do not buy this pen!
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