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i'm really torn. i LOVE...
August 29, 2013
Verified Purchase
i'm really torn. i LOVE this pen. and doggone it, with the converter, i paid a solid $50 for this pen.

but out of NOWHERE, it's leaking. it's been a little over a year of regular use (not abuse! it sits in my planner in a loop!) and it's started leaking profusely. the same thing happened to my Lamy Safari - but b/c that was a $20 pen, i just chalked it up to cheap construction. or something.

but when my $50 pen starts leaking for no apparent reason (and i'm not talking nib-creep, but full-on LEAKING from the cartridge/converter), there's something desperately wrong.

so i still love this pen - but i'm frustrated. if you buy it, you'll enjoy it - for at least a year. but beware after the one-year mark. i might try to have this repaired, but in the meantime, i'm back to trying to find a good, fine-nibbed fountain pen that's worthy of my hard-earned cash AND doesn't leak. gah.
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Very nice pen. It writes...
June 2, 2009
Verified Purchase
Very nice pen. It writes the same at the Al-stars, Vistas, and safari's. Different body same pen. I must say that the pen is not as weighty as I thought it might be and that is a plus in my opinion. So if you want a pen with a more classy look this might be one to consider.
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This is my favorite fountain...
June 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is my favorite fountain pen for letter writing. Old reliable.
Bought this to pair with...
April 28, 2013
Verified Purchase
Bought this to pair with a Lamy multipen in the same style. I'm using a Lamy blue black ink with it, and it writes very thick, but I'm assuming that the ink is to blame. A bit tiring to write with it for a while. Nib doesn't scratch the paper and is soft on the paper.
ryoji kezu
Great for hands who find...
February 13, 2012
Great for hands who find the Al Star too chunky.
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