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August 29, 2013
i'm really torn. i LOVE...
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i'm really torn. i LOVE this pen. and doggone it, with the converter, i paid a solid $50 for this pen.

but out of NOWHERE, it's leaking. it's been a little over a year of regular use (not abuse! it sits in my planner in a loop!) and it's started leaking profusely. the same thing happened to my Lamy Safari - but b/c that was a $20 pen, i just chalked it up to cheap construction. or something.

but when my $50 pen starts leaking for no apparent reason (and i'm not talking nib-creep, but full-on LEAKING from the cartridge/converter), there's something desperately wrong.

so i still love this pen - but i'm frustrated. if you buy it, you'll enjoy it - for at least a year. but beware after the one-year mark. i might try to have this repaired, but in the meantime, i'm back to trying to find a good, fine-nibbed fountain pen that's worthy of my hard-earned cash AND doesn't leak. gah.

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June 2, 2009
Very nice pen. It writes...
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Very nice pen. It writes the same at the Al-stars, Vistas, and safari's. Different body same pen. I must say that the pen is not as weighty as I thought it might be and that is a plus in my opinion. So if you want a pen with a more classy look this might be one to consider.

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April 28, 2013
Bought this to pair with...
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Bought this to pair with a Lamy multipen in the same style. I'm using a Lamy blue black ink with it, and it writes very thick, but I'm assuming that the ink is to blame. A bit tiring to write with it for a while. Nib doesn't scratch the paper and is soft on the paper.

February 13, 2012
Great for hands who find...
Great for hands who find the Al Star too chunky.