Lamy Logo Cyclical Matte Finish Fountain Pen with Black Trim - Medium Nib

Lamy Logo Cyclical Matte Finish Fountain Pen with Black Trim - Medium Nib

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Sleek and slim, the Logo exemplifies Lamy's distinctive modern style. Its attractive stainless steel body inspires immediate confidence while being surprisingly lightweight. It is well-balanced and comfortable to hold either posted or unposted. Its spring-mounted clip opens wide for easy attachment to virtually any pocket or notebook cover.


  • Replaceable stainless steel nib.
  • Stainless steel body with a matte finish.
  • Spring-mounted clip.
  • One blue ink cartridge.
  • Designed by Wolfgang Fabian, designer of the famous Lamy Safari and Al-Star pens.
  • Made in Germany.

A converter is not included.

Note: This pen may come with ink residue in the nib from being dip tested by Lamy at the factory. As with all new fountain pens, we recommend giving your Lamy a good cleaning before you use it.

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Customer Reviews

It’s very nice pen....
September 23, 2011
It’s very nice pen. I’m using it long time without problems. The pen is working perfectly. Thank you LAMY.
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This is a terrible pen...
January 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is a terrible pen - maybe mine was just a bad unit.

Everything looks fine until you write with it - there is a large amount of ink leaking from the nib and connection to feed. Also, the nib is extremely scratchy - even after 1 cartridge, it just didn't work out. No matter what paper you use, it will be like pulling a stick through rocks and gravel.
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Seriously, this is my...
January 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
Seriously, this is my favorite pen, period!
I really don't need to say more.
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Very usefull and nice...
October 17, 2012
Very usefull and nice pen.
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I have the L05EF (Extra...
June 1, 2014
I have the L05EF (Extra Fine), which I got here at JetPens, so I want to share a cautionary tale about this family. Just as another reviewer, I'm having serious leaking issues with this pen, the first cartridge went fine, the Extra Fine line is actually like a gel pen medium (0.7), but it wrote soft and didn't skip, then I used another cartridge and a drop of ink was always over the nib, this happened with a few of other cartridges, then the second to last cartridge I installed, and after a week or so of no use, the ink leaked from the middle of the pen. I throughly cleaned the pen and installed another cartridge, and after a few days I opened the bottom of the pen to check how it handled, and there was ink all over the place, luckily, even when the bottom has a plastic cap with small slots, none of the ink got through there and onto my notebook.

I'm so sad because for about two years this was my go-to pen at my desk, but it seems I can't use it anymore. I will give it another chance after my new Kaweco runs out of ink to see what happens.

Weird thing is that I have a Safari with what I guess is the same nib mechanism, and it runs fine.

TLDR: Loved it when it worked, now it leaks like an open faucet.
ryoji kezu