Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Broad Nib - Red Body

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Life is a jungle, and the special Lamy Safari pen can take you through it one stroke at a time. Lamy is a world-famous pen company headquartered in Germany. Their Safari line consists of high quality pens made of sturdy plastic and self-sprung metal clips.

The Lamy conveniently refills with ink cartridges. There’s no need to push in cartridges, just insert cartridge and twist the barrel, and the pen tightens to puncture the cartridge itself.

This pen includes one Blue Lamy T10 cartridge.

Model NumberLAMY L16B
Weight1.1 ounces
Body Color Red
Body Material Plastic
Clip Material Metal
Clippable Yes
Converter-Compatible Yes
Design Style Modern, Beginner-Friendly
Diameter - Grip 11.8 mm
Diameter - Max 12.4 mm
Grip Color Red
Grip Material Plastic
Ink Refillable Yes
Length - Capped 13.9 cm
Length - Posted 16.5 cm
Length - Uncapped 12.9 cm
Mechanism Capped
Pre-Installed Ink Color Blue
Tip Length 17.2 mm
Tip Material Metal
Tip Size Broad

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Great fountain pen. Highly...
December 10, 2012
Great fountain pen. Highly recommend.
I decided to buy the...
September 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
I decided to buy the Lamy Safari after hearing so much good about it on the Fountain Pen Network. Unfortunately, my pen is anything but the smooth writing experience I hoped for after all the positive comments.

The Safari is built pretty well as far as I can tell. The body seems sturdy, the finish hasn't gotten streaked up or dulled despite spending the last few weeks in my bag, and the clip does its job and isn't flimsy. I also don't really mind the triangular grip section. It doesn't really help me hold the pen, but it doesn't get in the way, either. The only gripe I have with the body is that the section is quite deep, so it's difficult to get a bulb syringe down in there to flush the pen between fillings.

The nib, on the other hand, is another story entirely. This is simply the worst-writing pen I own, period. The nib feels extremely scratchy and sounds like something between a felt-tipped marker and raking fingernails down a chalkboard as I write. It also refuses to lay down ink in certain directions. For example, it's impossible to draw a complete circle, and it stalls out on most downstrokes.

I'm willing to accept that I may have gotten a lemon, but that leaves the possibility that whoever else orders this pen could, too. I suppose I'll eventually try ordering another nib or sending it back to Lamy for an adjustment, but that means this Safari will have cost me nearly $40. To me, that's far more than this pen is worth, even if a new nib ends up being smoother.