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6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  I really went back and..., November 20, 2012
I really went back and forth on this. At first, I wanted to rate the pen a 3. However, I decided on 4 because of the build quality of the pen and the fact that they make an adapter for the ink. Really the review needs two parts.

1. The Pen - This is an awesome pen. The weight is perfect, the hand feel is great. The nib writes smoothly and evenly. It feels good against the paper with just enough tactile feedback.

2. The ink - The ink is horrible. I got the blue ink and it is the worst ink I have ever written with. The blue color is weak and looks like someone took REAL ink and watered it down. It doesn't last. The color fades quickly. I have been using the pen for about 3 months and the stuff I wrote when I first got it looks worse than it did when I first wrote it.

My suggestion, buy the pen and the ink adapter. Never even put in the lamy ink cartridge. Buy some really good ink and enjoy a great pen that writes perfectly and evenly. The pen is great, the ink is not.
5 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  The Charcoal Safari in..., January 25, 2012
The Charcoal Safari in Extra Fine writes very, very nicely and its flat black body and glossy black nib are all business. The size, weight and balance of the ABS body make for comfortable writing, cap posted or not. The EF nib glides across any old paper I have so far tried, leaving a sharp, reliable line of blue from the supplied cartridge. I have a converter at the ready once I exhaust the cartridge and anticipate buying a spare nib in a different width, just for some variety.

This pen is just the ticket for the basic pen fan and constant user. For a true beginner still deciding between "yes" and "no" on the subject of the fountain pen, there are alternatives in lower price ranges. If you already love fountain pens and do not have a Lamy Safari, buy one without hesitation and enjoy it as I do mine.

I would rate this pen five stars (and more if permitted to) at a more competitive price.
5 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  beautiful writing on..., July 7, 2011
beautiful writing on standard American notebook paper as many find it dreadful with some fountain pens

no scratch, no feather, little bleed(a small bit more than any 0.7mm ballpoint pen)

love the blue ink! i would describe it as electric, i was going to pop out the cartridge right away for the converter and ink bottle i ordered, but man, i'll stick with this until it's out =)

the EF from Lamy is the exact fountain pen size i wanted with notebook, small, yet it doesn't take detail away from the fact your using a fountain pen.

perfect with cursive script and Japanese! ^^

and no "bling", a every-day pen you can use without looking like your trying to impress somebody
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  This is my first entry..., January 6, 2013
This is my first entry into fountain pens. I did have some experience with dip pens in college, so writing with a nib wasn't totally foreign, but these days my pens of choice have been the Uniball 207s gels and Vision Micro rollers.

The pen is extremely handsome. The plastic body is thick and feels very rugged while remaining quite light. The pen does, however, feel ever so slightly unbalanced with the cap posted on the back. The EF tip doesn't give a lot of variation in line width, so on paper (with a blue-black Monteverde cartridge) gives a very similar look to a Uniball Vision Micro black. The nib, out of the box, gave a very smooth writing experience... didn't have to deal with a break-in period.

I do have to say that using a fountain pen in meetings with clients has become a conversation starter. I enjoy not only the writing experience, but the psychological effect it seems to hold on people around me when I use it.
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  I am a somewhat new customer..., July 12, 2014
I am a somewhat new customer and already HUGE fan of! I have enjoyed everything so much I have purchased, especially my brand-new Lamy Safari (charcoal) with EF nib. Itreated myself for my five-year quit smoking anniversary this last 4th of July with my new pen! I only wish I had bought some blue cartridges. I did also buy a Lamy Z-24 converter and am using it with some Quink black ink I have been using in my Esterbrook pens, for a long time. I have to say the converter is for me so much easier to use than the lever/bladder kind. But Esterbrook pens still have a place in my heart. But my Lamy is front and center. One morning recently I woke up to get ready to come to work and discovered my Lamy Safari still clipped to the neck of my nightgown from the evening before! I look forward to trying different inks. I will probably go with Pelikan Royal Blue. I explored the reviews people wrote and looked at the ink comparison feature on your website.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  There are a number of..., September 24, 2013
There are a number of reviews on this pen, but even having read dozens sourced from Google and JetPens I still wasn't sure what I was getting into. I'll lay this down so I will be the last to wonder.

The body:
Lightly textured dark grey. This pen is different from the smooth glossy versions, it has a noticeable grip to the surface. I consider this a boon, but this is a departure from the norm. The notched grip makes the pen feel much more thin when held, I measure the diameter to be 3/8" compared to 7/16" if the notches were absent. for comparison, a cheap papermate is 5/16" in diameter. Combined with the relative lightness of the body, the result is that the pen feels stable.

This pen is not amenable to holding in any other way, so you might need a moment to adjust to the grip. I had previously only used round pens before, so I had an unorthodox grip. The result is that writing became very uncomfortable, but looked much neater!

The clip is sturdy but flexible. The unique design means you can fit a small karabiner or lanyard loop on the cap and stick the pen essentially anywhere. This was the primary reason I went after this pen, and it was well worth it. Clip it to your bag or wear around the neck: awesome.

The ink window functions. I am using the converter with Herbin noir. if you hold the pen point down for a moment, you can see the level clearly.

Overall the pen is not very flashy, but it feels like a solid tool. If you want elegance, this pen will disappoint, it looks and feels like the Navy Seals official fountain pen.

The Nib:
Reviews don't lie, calling this "Extra Fine" is a stretch. On Strathmore Sketch 400 series the line is equivalent to a .5 mm pencil on my pen. This goes up to .7 mm on a Mead notebook. I would provide pictures, but there are a few comparisons already out there. When I want a thinner line, I just flip the pen. This gives essentially .3 mm and .5 mm lines respectively. The surprising thing was how smoothly the pen glides, even when writing flipped over. I can write sentences smoothly then flip over and draw fine chemical structures with no issues whatsoever. I was expecting more of a scratch. It is definitely not as smooth as the gold tipped Mount Blancs I've tried, but compares very well to my multitudes of Speedball dip pens for simple writing.

DO get a converter and your favorite ink. It came with one blue cartridge. The line is, like others have noted, a bit on the dry side, so be prepared for a little grey to come through if your paper is absorbent. Herbin's pearl noir comes out a shade grey when used on a rather absorbent notebook, but I enjoy the look.

Don't expect much flex in the nib. The entire system is pretty solid as a theme.

Very solid. Navy seals. Prefers proper grip. Two very usable sides. Smooth, but not gold. Not "Extra" fine (.5 to .7 mm). Well worth the price. Use the clip with a cord!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Great pen - it works..., August 4, 2012
By jef...
Great pen - it works on all types of paper, from Rhodia/Clairefontaine to the regular 20 lb. paper used in our laser printers. I am a fairly new fountain pen user, and I haven't had any problems with this pen skipping or not starting - wish I could say the same for some of the more expensive pens I have purchased.
6 out of 11 people found the following review helpful
  Be sure to check the..., March 28, 2008
By vadius
Be sure to check the nib when you get it. I somehow received the bold nib version of this (even though the box clearly says "EX FINE"). The bold version has a "B" on the nib, whereas the extra fine has "EF" on the nib.
  This is a great pen,..., January 27, 2014
This is a great pen, especially for those who are starting with fountain pens. The weight of this is not too heavy or too light, it is just right, even though I like heavier pens. The EF Nib is superb and I haven't seen it skip yet, I had one of these YEARS ago as gift from a friend and when I lost it I ordered this off of jetpens, the shipping was fast.

My two gripes with this pen is that when I opened the package, the cartridge had magically been pierced and was all over the nib and the box and I cleaned it up. I used the ink because I may as well use it since it's already in the feed and nib... The color is HORRIBLE, and fades too quickly.

My advice is, get ink when you purchase this, because it is just wayyy too watered down-looking. The other gripe was that it has a hole in the barrel so I can't do an eyedropper conversion.

A great work-around would be if Lamy made that portion of the pen with clear plastic instead of making a hole so it could be safer even for those who want to use cartridges or converters, as the ink would not somehow get out and make a mess in your hands or pockets.

If Lamy did that, I would buy a million of these. These are great pens and the nibs are also very good.

You may want to clean the feed and nib by using a converter to flush them with water, or take off the nib with a piece of scotch tape and clean it that way because Lamy tests each and every pen that comes off the assembly line.
  Loved this pen, the EF..., November 14, 2013
Loved this pen, the EF nib is slightly scratchy, but i don't mind at all. Some have complained about the grip, but it's actually very comfortable and positioned perfectly for me and how i hold pens.
  I have absolutely no..., November 3, 2013
I have absolutely no complaints aside from the fact that I lost my first and am having a serious compulsion to purchase a second. That is the rub with a great product. You win again, Lamy.
  Solid pen.very smooth..., August 19, 2013
Solid pen.very smooth EF nib. Loaded with Mont Blanc ink in converter. No leaking. Pen writes pretty "wet"...bleeds thru a standard Moleskine journal...but that's the ink I'm using..ill see how it works with a Noodler's.
I use the pen for inking in lines for pen & ink drawings...on Bristol plate and I love it for that..Also on watercolor paper..very smooth and good solid line. The nib does have the dreaded nib's not an issue for me..some folks complain about it.
It's an OK FP. Nothing leaking with the plastic converter so that's a plus..otherwise it's a nicely designed, hefty, rugged pen. Time will tell.
  I just got this pen,..., July 13, 2013
I just got this pen, and really I don't see anything bad about it. Some people say it writes too thick, I say it rights like a Japanese f pen(maybe slightly smaller). Only two iffy things about this pen is that the grip is made so it is uncomfortable to use this pen unless you write in the standard grip they teach you in school(I converted to this style about a year ago). Also, the included ink cartridge isnt exactly the best, but then again you can just buy a converter and use a different brand ink. All in all, this pen is amazing, but the ink is not. Then again this review is about a pen, not a free complimentary ink cartridge. 5/5
   I love this pen! Smooth..., June 28, 2013
I love this pen! Smooth to write with, very the nib responds to every movement of my fingers. Great fountain pen.
  Wow is really all I can..., May 23, 2013
Wow is really all I can say. I'm new to the fountain pen experience maybe messed around with them when I was young and in art class like most but that was calligraphy stuff never really just writing. So this was my second pen first one was the dirty cheap Platinum Preppy and for the price that worked just as I expected a $3 pen would work. Now the time I'm mainly using pens are when I'm note taking in college so I to write pretty quickly. The Preppy was Ok at that it had a lot of bleed on my mead notebooks so when I got this pen Lord Jesus it was a world of difference no bleed and now i have neat looking notes to archive for later studying. the only complaint is that i wish the pen body was a little more of a deep darker charcoal black besides that nothing to really complain about. If your trying to get into fountain pens this is the way to get into it its a smooth pen and wonderful. Glides like butter over paper. fine crisp lines and it never ever skips a beat. Once you buy one you'll want to get another and another and another. You wont regret this pen!
  A balanced fountain pen,..., April 28, 2013
By roqz
A balanced fountain pen, lightweight but solid feel, the grooves on the gripping area help a lot to maintain a firm hold of the pen. A bit childish/teenagy looking, mostly because of the cap and the wire clip, without those, it looks like a piece of modern art worthy of a museum display.
  Tremendously smooth writer...., January 10, 2013
Tremendously smooth writer. I have the medium nib and am very satisfied with it. This immediately moved to one of my favorites for a daily writer. I find the grip section very comfortable and also aids in holding the correct nib position in alignment with the paper so that it consistently makes great contact in long writing sessions. There is nothing I could say poorly of the pen. Buy it. Stop fretting - it's a great pen at any price range.
  I recently purchased..., November 29, 2012
By rachi
I recently purchased this fountain pen from JetPens and I am completely in love!

I used up the cartridge that came with it, then I got a converter and used my own inks.
The pen writes beautifully. The nib is so smooth and fine, I literally feel like I'm gliding across the page. There's barely any friction. I absolutely recommend this pen, especially as a great starter to fountain pens.
  This is a very good beginner's..., July 13, 2012
This is a very good beginner's fountain pen. I use it for sketch and it is smooth on all the paper I tried. The only short coming is that it does seem a little bit bolder than my other EF nib from "Pen & Ink" (which only sketch smoothly on Moleskine sketchbook...) but it is still thinner than F nib on rotring initial.
  This is a very good beginner's..., July 13, 2012
This is a very good beginner's fountain pen. I use it for sketch and it is smooth on all the paper I tried. The only short coming is that it does seem a little bit bolder than my other EF nib from "Pen & Ink" (which only sketch smoothly on Moleskine sketchbook...) but it is still thinner than F nib on rotring initial.
  Holy Crap! This is gonna..., July 6, 2012
Holy Crap! This is gonna save me a fortune. I am a brush and ink artist who does a LOT of prliminary work in his sketchbook. For years, i have been designing my ideas using Micron pens. Then comes SAFARI, loaded with a converter and Noodlers bulletproof black ink. Bye bye microns (no offence to Sakura who makes some fine disposable pens). This will do the trick. Great feeling pen, easy to refill and smoothe as butter writing/drawing. Delivered early before we went on vacation so it will be going to California with me for its first outing. Thanks Jet Pens once again.
  I have use this pen for..., March 16, 2012
By sbm...
I have use this pen for years and find that the nib size you will need is based on two factors:

1) Size of your handwriting
2) Smoothness of paper

The Extra fine nib WILL catch or grab if you do not have small handwriting and good paper. Consider a regular nib or a fine first. If the regular or fine give two broad of a line for your handwriting and are not catching the paper, try a EF.

In summary, if this is your first fountain pen, do not go small than a fine.
  This is a great starter..., March 15, 2012
This is a great starter fountain pen, though I found the extra fine nib to be a bit too scratchy for my tastes. It is very easy to clean, and the interchangeable nibs are a great addition, since it helped me figure out which nib I liked best. Between extra fine, fine, and medium, it ended up being fine; sets down a line that is in the "goldilocks zone" for me. Fine and medium are extremely smooth, and surf along the page on a nice wet line... extra-fine kind of stalls (though it's alright if you write at a very slanted angle. Better for cursive, printed letters are very sketchy.)

The matte plastic of this model is great if you hate fingerprints on the barrel, since this does not show them at all. The cap is secure enough without being too tight, and the clip is very strong, but still flexible. I love that it takes cartridges and a converter... great for me, since I change my mind about colors very often. The converter is great for your favorite workhorse ink that you end up using a lot of.

All-around very good, but I just don't like this thickness of nib. If you have somewhat broad handwriting like myself, try the fine nib instead.
  I'm very pleased with..., February 27, 2012
By tad...
I'm very pleased with this pen. It is the smoothest writing fountain pen I have ever used. I gave up on fountain pens long ago (20+ years) because they always got ink on my fingers. Of course, I'll admit that I never had an expensive fountain pen, just those cheap ones they sold everywhere, so I guess I got what I deserved! The only drawback about the Safari is its looks. The body is functional and will show you when you are running low on ink, but with the ultra-large clip, it is frankly pretty ugly. But I guess there is less chance of someone wanting to steal it.
  Excellent pen, as many..., June 13, 2011
By aux...
Excellent pen, as many of the previous reviews have said. The ergo-grip is double edged- some days I love it, some days I wish it was just cylindrical. Another thing against the design is that the base unscrews very easily after a period of use. That means that you might take it out of your pocket or whatever and have to tighten the barrel assembly. Not a bad thing, just a little quirk that no one has really mentioned. Oh and horrible nib creep. Overall a terrific budget pen - although I actually prefer using my Kaweco Sport as a daily writer.