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November 5, 2014
This is my first fountain...
Verified Purchase
This is my first fountain pen and I fell in love with it. It took some getting used to the feel on paper (somewhat "scratchy" compared to ballpoint), but now everything else just feels strange. My handwriting clarity has actually improved because I have to be more deliberate with my strokes. I also appreciate the ink level window, grooved finger grip, and industrial styling. As a plus, nobody wanders off with my pen because they pop the cap and exclaim, "What the...," then put it back in favor of the cheap ballpoints littering their desk. Will definitely buy another when this one no longer works.

January 27, 2014
This is a great pen,...
Verified Purchase
This is a great pen, especially for those who are starting with fountain pens. The weight of this is not too heavy or too light, it is just right, even though I like heavier pens. The EF Nib is superb and I haven't seen it skip yet, I had one of these YEARS ago as gift from a friend and when I lost it I ordered this off of jetpens, the shipping was fast.

My two gripes with this pen is that when I opened the package, the cartridge had magically been pierced and was all over the nib and the box and I cleaned it up. I used the ink because I may as well use it since it's already in the feed and nib... The color is HORRIBLE, and fades too quickly.

My advice is, get ink when you purchase this, because it is just wayyy too watered down-looking. The other gripe was that it has a hole in the barrel so I can't do an eyedropper conversion.

A great work-around would be if Lamy made that portion of the pen with clear plastic instead of making a hole so it could be safer even for those who want to use cartridges or converters, as the ink would not somehow get out and make a mess in your hands or pockets.

If Lamy did that, I would buy a million of these. These are great pens and the nibs are also very good.

You may want to clean the feed and nib by using a converter to flush them with water, or take off the nib with a piece of scotch tape and clean it that way because Lamy tests each and every pen that comes off the assembly line.

November 14, 2013
Loved this pen, the EF...
Verified Purchase
Loved this pen, the EF nib is slightly scratchy, but i don't mind at all. Some have complained about the grip, but it's actually very comfortable and positioned perfectly for me and how i hold pens.

November 3, 2013
I have absolutely no...
Verified Purchase
I have absolutely no complaints aside from the fact that I lost my first and am having a serious compulsion to purchase a second. That is the rub with a great product. You win again, Lamy.

August 19, 2013
Solid pen.very smooth...
Verified Purchase
Solid pen.very smooth EF nib. Loaded with Mont Blanc ink in converter. No leaking. Pen writes pretty "wet"...bleeds thru a standard Moleskine journal...but that's the ink I'm using..ill see how it works with a Noodler's.
I use the pen for inking in lines for pen & ink drawings...on Bristol plate and I love it for that..Also on watercolor paper..very smooth and good solid line. The nib does have the dreaded nib's not an issue for me..some folks complain about it.
It's an OK FP. Nothing leaking with the plastic converter so that's a plus..otherwise it's a nicely designed, hefty, rugged pen. Time will tell.

July 13, 2013
I just got this pen,...
Verified Purchase
I just got this pen, and really I don't see anything bad about it. Some people say it writes too thick, I say it rights like a Japanese f pen(maybe slightly smaller). Only two iffy things about this pen is that the grip is made so it is uncomfortable to use this pen unless you write in the standard grip they teach you in school(I converted to this style about a year ago). Also, the included ink cartridge isnt exactly the best, but then again you can just buy a converter and use a different brand ink. All in all, this pen is amazing, but the ink is not. Then again this review is about a pen, not a free complimentary ink cartridge. 5/5

June 28, 2013
I love this pen! Smooth...
I love this pen! Smooth to write with, very the nib responds to every movement of my fingers. Great fountain pen.

May 23, 2013
Wow is really all I can...
Verified Purchase
Wow is really all I can say. I'm new to the fountain pen experience maybe messed around with them when I was young and in art class like most but that was calligraphy stuff never really just writing. So this was my second pen first one was the dirty cheap Platinum Preppy and for the price that worked just as I expected a $3 pen would work. Now the time I'm mainly using pens are when I'm note taking in college so I to write pretty quickly. The Preppy was Ok at that it had a lot of bleed on my mead notebooks so when I got this pen Lord Jesus it was a world of difference no bleed and now i have neat looking notes to archive for later studying. the only complaint is that i wish the pen body was a little more of a deep darker charcoal black besides that nothing to really complain about. If your trying to get into fountain pens this is the way to get into it its a smooth pen and wonderful. Glides like butter over paper. fine crisp lines and it never ever skips a beat. Once you buy one you'll want to get another and another and another. You wont regret this pen!

April 28, 2013
A balanced fountain pen,...
Verified Purchase
A balanced fountain pen, lightweight but solid feel, the grooves on the gripping area help a lot to maintain a firm hold of the pen. A bit childish/teenagy looking, mostly because of the cap and the wire clip, without those, it looks like a piece of modern art worthy of a museum display.

January 10, 2013
Tremendously smooth writer....
Tremendously smooth writer. I have the medium nib and am very satisfied with it. This immediately moved to one of my favorites for a daily writer. I find the grip section very comfortable and also aids in holding the correct nib position in alignment with the paper so that it consistently makes great contact in long writing sessions. There is nothing I could say poorly of the pen. Buy it. Stop fretting - it's a great pen at any price range.