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  I've been using Lamy..., May 30, 2011
By dar...
I've been using Lamy Safari pens for years now and they are among the best, if you like a lightweight pen that flows smoothly, never blots or leaks, and looks good. I recommend the medium or fine nibs, but not the extra fine: it is scratchy and the ink doesn't flow well. However, Lamy's interchangeable nibs make changing easy and relatively cheap.
  Ordered it on Monday,..., March 3, 2011
By spe...
Ordered it on Monday, arrived on Thursday. Worked perfectly right out of the box, with the extra fine nib being big enough to give my writing some consistency without making it bulky.

Writing (with the lamy blue ink cartridge included) is incredibly smooth and unbroken, requiring only the contact of the pen on paper--no pressure.

I immediately noticed that the pen becomes top heavy when posted, but it is very light if the cap is left off. The grip forces my hand into the proper position for writing, managing to do in seconds what my mother tried to teach me years ago :)

I am definitely going to buy the converter for the pen and try it with some Noodler's ink.

Certainly a good pen, and I have to say I like the utilitarian look as well!
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  I just wrote with this..., January 9, 2011
I just wrote with this pen for the very first time and i have to admit.......the best fountain pen i have ever written with! this safari is GREAT! The moment i inserted the ink cartridge 10 seconds later, i found myself writting on paper. Not only was it perfectly smooth but also had the right kind of lightwieght balance in my hand. I know some other reviews i read stated that it was "SCRATCHY" but not the one i got haha because it writes as smooth as a feather (if that makes any sense lol).

I would really recommend this Lamy fountain pen to everyone. The Extra Fine Nib is the way to go if you want an awesome writing experience although ive heard there really isnt much defference between EF and F nibs. If you are doubting whether to buy it or not--- don't because it's a no brainer, you got to have it :)
  This is my third fountain..., January 7, 2011
This is my third fountain pen, I bought so that I would not have to worry about my more expensive fountain pens disappearing off of my desk at school. I love the extra fine nib. It works very well with all of my J. Herbin inks. A great pen for beginners, as well as a good all-around inexpensive pen for everyday use.
  This is the first fountain..., December 2, 2010
This is the first fountain pen I ever bought, and for a beginner, it makes writing much more enjoyable. The EF nib is a bit scratchy, I'd suggest swapping for an F nib (I barely noticed a difference between the two, it's really slight). Design-wise, it's a quirky-looking pen, I like it, but others may not. The plastic is very durable, and the matte body is great since it wont really show any scratches from wear. With the cap posted, it feels top-heavy or unbalanced. Otherwise, it's super lightweight, and for me, reduces any stress on my hand.
  Jetpens shipped this..., September 30, 2010
Jetpens shipped this to me quickly!

I love the Safari. The cartridge ink and extra-fine nib works well on my Moleskine with no bleedthough, little echo, and no feathering. Sometimes I do get these very strange feathers almost 2-3mm long, but that only happens once in a while and you cant really tell when you're reading that it's there. The black nib on charcoal black barrel is definitely a nice color scheme.
  This is the first fountain..., August 21, 2010
By bea...
This is the first fountain pen I bought from JetPens. I would have to say it is a great value. The pen is well built and very rugged. I take it to school everyday. I also bought the Lamy Z24 converter for it, and it has enabled me to use a large variety of FP inks. It really is well worth the money.
  This was my first fountain..., June 4, 2010
This was my first fountain pen and I absolutely love it. I use it with a Noodler's Bulletproof ink, and it was an awesome introduction to fountain pens. It leaves a great line and feels super smooth. In over two years of use, it has never let me down. Just an overall great pen.
  I fine Fountain pen...., May 6, 2010
By hcf...
I fine Fountain pen. Love the extra fine nib. This big clip is a plus. It fits in my scrub pocket and does not slip out. I sign charts with it all day long. Nice ergonomic grip site. Very Smooth.
  I had dabbled in 'beginner's'..., January 4, 2010
I had dabbled in 'beginner's' fountain pens (such as the plumix) and really wanted a quality fountain pen. At the recommendation of...everyone...I got the Safari and absolutely love it. I am using it for school and notetaking mostly so it my all around pen. I am using Noodler's Bulletproof Black and a converter with it and love the combination. Writes very smoothly with no breaks. Not sure if I am lucky or others just unlucky.
  This is my first fountain..., January 1, 2010
This is my first fountain pen and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm using it to ink my drawings and so far it is doing a pretty good job. I'm using noodler's black bulletproof and for the most part it works well. There is some slight problems when I'm making fast strokes, the flow of the ink seems to slow down and then the marks come out thin and scratchy, but I don't know if that's the pen or the inks problem. Overall a great first pen imo. Cheers!
  @brenner: why don't you..., October 19, 2009
By ver...
@brenner: why don't you try using a different ink? i use borealis black and my pen writes great, no skipping whatsoever. or try a different brand of ink.
  omg this pen is awsome..., September 27, 2009
omg this pen is awsome i use it in school with a converter and j.herbin inks in it and it works great
  This is my go to pen..., July 17, 2009
This is my go to pen for everything from my Illustration roughs to the finals and note taking. It's easy to grip, well balanced and whenever I use it at the bank the tellers always say "HEY, Thats one of those fancy pens." This pen always stays attached to my pocket no matter where I go. It never leaks and always performs top notch. I suggest buying a converter with it and some noodlers ink, you won't be disappointed.
  This is my first fountain..., January 6, 2009
This is my first fountain pen, and after reading reviews from other sources, they said this was the best pen under $100 or something like that. And its been a great buy. I'm a forgetful person, so there would be times where I think I lost it, and my heart just dropped. I'm okay with dropping it all the time as well, since I am a clutz. I had always bought ballpoint pens, and the ink on this pen flows ten times smoother than the pilot gel pens you get at target. I'm also a student studying illustration, so this is great for art studies. I use it for everything, from writing, sketching, to drawing. Its useful to draw over graphite as well, because I know that it wont' take back in the graphite when I use it, unlike ballpoint. I love mine because it writes like a dream. I can lightly touch the tip, and it will still flow out smooth, so I don't need to strain my hands to press down hard. Really helpful for the people who press down to hard. You don't see much compression on the back of paper.
  The Lamy pen writes a..., February 27, 2008
The Lamy pen writes a bit scratchy but it does not annoy me as it might some. The ink however flows whenever I put pen to paper. It is a bit top heavy with the cap, but overall it is a great pen to use everyday. I have about ten fountain pens, most of them expensive and outside of the one's made by Pilot and Pelikan this pen is more reliable than most of them. I am a student and this pen is great for class and if I should misplace it, I won't die of heart failure.
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  The short story: I'm..., July 1, 2013
The short story: I'm quite disappointed...

The longer story: After reading a lot about how this pen is a "classic" among rather cheap fountain pens, I decided to try one out for myself. Well, either I got a dud, or the majority of other people who tried this pen are wrong.. which is unlikely. Anyway, I'm using this pen with the Sailor Nano Black ink, which I myself have no bad experience with. First of all, the pen is way broader than any EF I've ever tried. I knew "western" made pens were wider, but I did not expect this much wider. It puts down a line of about 0.8 -> 1.0mm. If it puts down a line at all... When writing, the pen will skip almost every single time. If I only lift the pen for a few seconds, when starting again it will skip.

Apart from skipping, there's not very mich to pick at, really. The design is sturdy, when the pen writes, it writes really smooth, the grip feels good, and the overall appearance has a rugged and sturdy, but really nice feel about it.

However, when a pen designed to write has trouble writing, it's not worth more than 3 stars. Maybe it's the ink, and maybe I should try some different ones, but this is my first impression. I'll update my review if the quality of the pen changes whenever I change the ink.
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  It appears I've received..., May 31, 2013
It appears I've received the only dud Safari in existence. It has to be an outlier, because my pen's performance bears no resemblance to these glowing reviews. I checked the nib--it does indeed have EF stamped on it, however the line it produces is absolute garbage. I would put it at about 2mm on a Moleskine page, with bleed, skips, feathering, and pools of ink all over the place. I've tried it on four different kinds of paper, and the result is the same. I've had crayons leave a finer line. I can't imagine how fast this thing shoots through ink. Fortunately I'll never have to know, because I'm sending it back. I've used Sailor pens until now, and it looks like I'll be using them in the future as well.
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  Let me start by saying..., October 19, 2012
Let me start by saying I like my G2's better; at least when you buy a cheap pen and don't like it you can just disgrade it or give it away, not this thing. I bought it to improve my responsibility; who would loss a pen that costs 26 bucks, not me.

To begin with I love the design, it looks amazing. But, its got a set grip with two groves for your thumb and pointer finger, so if you have a different grip you may want to try it first. In general the pen writes well. The chassis works well and the design is very bold and unique; gets attention (positive or negative).

The ink is my biggest gripe, it alone is enough for me to hate the pen. I write on normal loss leaf, and the ink bleeds, feathers, fades, smudges, goes quick, you name it. Ever bad quality ink could have, it has. And it seems like I'm replacing cartridges every week or two. Amazing how this company makes ink that performs much worse than cheap Pilot pens.
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  This pen is wonderful,..., February 26, 2011
This pen is wonderful, from the high-quality plastic to the super smooth nib, this thing has blown me away completely. This is a must buy for anyone looking to switch to a fountain pen, but doesn't have very much money. Also shipping from Jetpens was very fast and there were no issues at all. This was a great first purchase and probably many more will ensue.
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  This pen is a bit over-hyped..., July 28, 2009
This pen is a bit over-hyped IMO. It is a nice pen but far from perfect. It feels great in my hand (very comfortable design) and refilling the ink is easy. However I use Noodlers bulletproof black ink and I don't think it works very well in this pen. The pen skips all the time which is a real problem when using it to sketch with. I love the feel of the tip on the paper but because of the skipping I have not been using this pen as much as I would like to.