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The Lamy Safari is every...
April 5, 2008
Verified Purchase
The Lamy Safari is every inch a writer's pen.
I'm not generally a fan of cartridge-filling, and I found the included Lamy ink to be a little pale. I bought the converter too, thankfully, and use this with Rohrer & Klingner permanent blue, which is working splendidly.

The nib is as hard as nails, but not scratchy. It's not the smoothest nib I've ever used (not by a long shot), but there's not too much tooth or anything. This pen is how I figured out that I like a really really REALLY hard nib.

If you encounter any skipping or scratchiness, take the pen apart and rinse it out with a drop of dish fluid in water. I've been told that a little manufacturing grease can clot and clog up the pen.

This pen is my daily writer (I'm a student and write a ton), and I love it dearly. Very light in the hand, and the triangular grip doesn't bother me.

Completely worth the money.
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The pen looks and feels...
July 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
The pen looks and feels great, it's not that heavy of a pen, although if you're looking to use this pen as a replacement for your liners (like microns) and the smallest you would go is like a .1 I would suggest you to get the fine nib one or get this and get a replacement nib. This pen writes with a .005 line, it's up to you to figure out if you want something that thin. If you are buying this pen, I suggest you figure out what ink to use first (I use noodler's ink). The ink flow is pretty inconsistent but that could be just because I'm writing too fast.
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Some pen people have...
October 30, 2014
Verified Purchase
Some pen people have said that the Pilot Metropolitan has supplanted the Lamy Safari as the introductory pen for new users. I think the absolutely reliable ink flow of the Safari lifts it above the Metropolitan as a starter pen. I just wish the grip were a little less ergonomic. It looks great, writes smoothly and reliably, feels good in the fingers. Thank you JetPens and Lamy!
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An awesomely good pen...
February 3, 2009
Verified Purchase
An awesomely good pen for its price.
This is my go to pen for taking out of the house, like school and work, as it is sturdy and definitely gets the job done well.
The only thing is that I find the extra fin nib to be more of a medium nib, that's just me tho.
It comes in a cool little box too, and who doesn't like a cool little box?
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This is my fourth lamy...
January 21, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is my fourth lamy EF and again it is a very good fp for the price. In fact, I don't even write using my more expensive pens because the Lamy's are just more dependable and always a smoooooth experience.
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For the price this is...
June 3, 2009
Verified Purchase
For the price this is OK fountain pen, which surprisingly came with better or more waterproof ink then the Noodler's 'bulletproof' ink and smudges much less and 'melts when wet less then Noodler's black bulletproof ink. I do not know why is Noodler's ink marketed as waterproff as it clearly it is not, but that is another subject.

Getting back to this pen, I was expecting a much thiner line [I ordered extra fine] but instead it is more like a medium stroke than extra fine especially if used on slck paper it willl give you broad strokes. Maybe i need to buy Japanese or pelikan FP with EF nib.

Nevertheless, this is a fine introductory fountain pen. My next FP will likely be Sailor 1911 or Pelikan 600 series when save few bux.
After all the rave reviews,...
October 28, 2009
After all the rave reviews, I expected to love this pen. I *wanted* to love this pen. Unfortunately, it falls far short. The ink flow is inconsistent so the writing is scratchy. The pen itself is thick, which makes writing uncomfortable for me, especially when the writing with the cap on the other end. This makes my hand fatigue easily. So far, I have been unable to write neatly with this pen. This is a huge frustration. Had I not thrown the box away in my excitement I would have returned this in AN INSTANT. Absolutely disappointed and not worth the money I spent.
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Not so good. I'm not...
September 27, 2010
Verified Purchase
Not so good. I'm not happy. I have bought 3 of them and non of them satisfied me.
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