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writes better than my...
October 27, 2009
writes better than my $40 pilot fountain pen. and i don't have to adjust my hand to get ink on paper. i love this pen. it's so lightweight and quality is real good. would be nice if they plugged up the hole so it can be converted into an eyedropper though. otherwise, it's a very solid fountain pen!
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Great pen, I use it every...
May 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great pen, I use it every day. I haven't used a fountain pen since elementary school in Europe, but have been meaning to get one. I finally settled on a Lemy Safari and I'm so glad I did. It writes smooth and I can throw it in a bag without worrying about it getting scratched or leaking. Handwriting is such a pleasure again.
so smooth. my first fountain...
April 8, 2015
Verified Purchase
so smooth. my first fountain pen and this is the one to try! There's nothing comparable to writing with a fountain pen!
Great pens, writes well....
March 25, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great pens, writes well. Too light and while the guide indentations are helpful, attempting subtle adjustments feels off because of the prominence of the grip.
Love this pen...
March 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love this pen
I have tried several...
January 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have tried several other fountain pens and this is by far my favorite. The ink flows smoothly, my hand doesn't get tired from using it, and it is the perfect weight. I am looking forward to buying several more so I can have them for home and work.
Very good pen for the...
November 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
Very good pen for the price. Use it for taking notes in my college courses.
Really nice. No problem...
November 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
Really nice. No problem getting the ink to flow that you might get with cheaper fountain pens. I prefer the extra fine nib slightly to the fine nib for most situations. But the fine nib is nice to have too.
Two Time an Anus
All around wonderful...
March 6, 2013
Verified Purchase
All around wonderful pen. The grip looks a bit odd at first but, it is actually really comfortable to use. I enjoy writing with this pen so much that I completely emptied the cartridge that comes in it within the first day! For only 28 dollars.. you cannot go wrong with the Lamy Safari.
While this pen worked...
October 17, 2012
While this pen worked very well for me for about a year it eventually started to leak. Around the nib, at first I thought it was nib creep but upon further inspection it appears there is a crack in the feed. I really like this pen otherwise. It served me well in writing rapid-fire notes and I like it's shape and it's feel in my hand, if I was sure it would not leak I would buy another in an instant.
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