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  So glad I ordered this..., January 13, 2012
By kat...
So glad I ordered this pen! It is definitely the smoothest writing fountain pen I've tried so far. Very comfortable to hold, but the design does look bulky even in person.
  Out of the box, amazing...., December 6, 2011
By k95...
Out of the box, amazing. I was overwhelmed by how relatively better it was compared to my cheaper pens. After a while, a couple of minor things started happening. With my pen, I am using the converter with Rohrer and Klingner Alt-Goldgrün and noticed the normal writing wasn't shading as well as I wanted, but it was still smooth, so it wasn't a big deal. After a couple of days, however, the flow was even better, the writing was even smoother, and I got a hang of loading ink into the pen properly. Completely satisfied. Next stop, webnotebook... :(
  The Safari is a perfect..., December 5, 2011
The Safari is a perfect introduction to the fountain pen world. It is inexpensive, easy to maintain, is built well, has good ergonomics, and flows well with nearly any ink.

I used the cartridge that came with the pen, but have switched to a converter with Diamine Asa Blue. The ink flows extremely well and is very enjoyable to write with. The triangular grip fits nearly any hand, but I personally prefer a rounded grip. You can post the cap on the pen, but I feel it makes the pen quite top-heavy, so I use the Safari unposted.

Much has already been said about this pen, but I feel the clip doesn't get enough recognition. This trademark clip is subtle but very practical, allowing the pen to sit deep in the pocket while gripping the cloth reasonably well. My favorite aspect of the clip is that it curves upward towards the end, allowing me to slip it quickly and easily into my pocket using only one hand!
  Absolutely night and..., December 1, 2011
By k95j01
Absolutely night and day. Compared to my other pens, notably cheaper, pens (Pilot Penmanship and Plumix, and Platinum Preppy) its absolutely perfect comparatively. Smoother, nearly as fine, similar, but better, grip. I loaded it with the converter. I had problems keeping the nib in the ink, but that is the bottle, not the converter or pen. Loaded with Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrün, blew me away. Mind you, this is mediocre paper. And it is amazing still.
  I hesitated to order..., November 24, 2011
By jane
I hesitated to order this pen because of the low price but after reading the reviews I decided to try one. Do yourself a favor and get one. The pen does not leak, it writes very smooth and the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because once in a while it will hesitate at the very beginning of a word but it is a minor amount I have pens that cost a lot more money that do not write any better. So far I have only used cartridges since the converter does not come with the pen.
  Great pen, wish the tip..., November 20, 2011
Great pen, wish the tip was a bit thinner, but I guess that's just how German fountain pens are. It also tends to collect ink at the top(nearest the hand) of the nib... I'm used to it, but sometimes when I let somebody borrow my pen..they get ink all over their fingers :P

Great pen though!
  I am back to buy another..., November 5, 2011
By jan...
I am back to buy another pen just like the first one I bought. They are smooth and do not skip and scratch. So far I have only used cartridge ink and I want another one to keep at home and one in my purse. Get one and you will not be sorry. It even writes smooth on cheap paper!
  I really like Lamy pens..., October 13, 2011
I really like Lamy pens because the design is so good, and they are durable. I thought I would love this fountain pen, but found that the nib was a bit scratchy for my taste. I'm thinking of purchasing a larger nib to swap out to see if this makes a difference for me.

Also, I don't always write with a heavy hand, but when I do, the scratchiness is very evident, even on my Rhodia paper. And, although I love the design, I can't use this for long note-taking sessions because the grip is so hard. So, I use it for short notes and such. My fav fountain pen for long note-taking sessions is my Pelikan P55 Future fine tip.

If you don't often have fatigue in your hands when writing for long periods of time, this is a great pen.
  I have the Aquamarine..., September 14, 2011
By ddmcd
I have the Aquamarine model. A beautiful pen! Having the right kind of paper for writing makes a big difference, I've found.
  I am new to using a fountain..., August 27, 2011
By dca...
I am new to using a fountain pen, and this is the best pen I have never held. I love the grooves for the index finger and thumb, it fits perfectly in my hand. Its light but very well built. Though for a fine nib, the line does seem a bit thicker. It does write extremely smooth. I do prefer to use the pen without posting as it does not distribute the weight equally with the cap on.
  This is a wonderful,..., November 13, 2010
This is a wonderful, durable fountain pen that\'s great for first-time FP users, but also expressive enough for veteran users.
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  Bought and dislike. I..., May 5, 2010
By tra...
Bought and dislike.

I expect my fountain pens to write smoothly and flow consistently. Wth F nib, this thing is scratchy and inconsistent. It disturbs me. I adjust it to write smoothly and consistently by opening up the tins, but this makes the lines broad instead of fine. With this adjustment, it makes writing a little more tolerable, I still get better performance from my under $20 Jinhao pen.

I also use a slightly more expensive Pilot Cavalier that writes fine lines as I would expect - smooth and consistent. If I had to do it again, I would pass on this pen.