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No complaints. The pen...
September 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
No complaints. The pen writes smoothly. In fact, more so than another fountain pen I own that cost a great deal more.
Love, Love My Lamy and...
October 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love, Love My Lamy and this time I had to have the red. It just makes me so happy seing this vibrant color that writes so smoothly and with a no brainer ink refill for cartridge or with a Z24 converter, it's worth every penny. Happy, Happy!
If I could give more...
September 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
If I could give more stars, I would. The Lamy Safari is by far my favorite pen in my small collection.

Firstly, I didnt use the blue ink that came with it. The ink I used was one of the turquoise cartridge refills by Lamy. I also bought violet, but I haven't yet used it. That said, Lamy ink is, in my experience, the best I own. Even better than some of the more expensive bottled ink. When I first wrote on the thin pages of my Moleskine notebook, I thought, "This ink is obviously going to bleed through. It's darker than the inks I usually use, and the ink flow is better." I tried it anyways, and I was amazed to see that there was no bleeding at all, even at places I let my nib rest a bit longer than usual. It kept the same color and consistency throughout the line, and it all dried evenly.

Even more surprising was how amazingly well the pen fit my hand. If you hold your pen as most do, it feels like an extension of your arm. My thoughts flow from brain to nib more smoothly than they do from my brain to my mouth! And the way it writes... smoother than silk! The feel is indescribable.

I'll be buying my best friend one of these for her birthday. How could I not? It is a truely required pen for everyone!
I was looking for my...
August 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was looking for my very first fountain pen. I did not want to spend a lot in case I decided it wasn't for me and decided to try this Lamy Safari. I purchased it with the converter so I could use other inks.

- Writes smooth! It's like butter! I haven't had any issues with skipping.
- The blue ink cartridge that came with it is a soft blue but was surprised that it didn't bleed through the cheap notebook paper.
- Lightweight
- Has a window to see ink level
- Converter works as described

- I do not hold a pen the traditional way. I hold it using my thumb, index and middle finger. It hurt to write for extended periods due to the grooves on the pen.
- I contacted customer service to see if they would take it back if I flushed the ink out completely. They said that they do not take back any pens that have been used (ink passes nib). I only used the blue cartridge after they refused to take it back.

* Note that the fine nib writes like a medium. I prefer fine - medium point, so I was with the size.

I managed to make it work by getting a patterned sheet of duck tape and made a holder that I can just slip on and off the pen. The holder takes away from the elegance but at least I can use it now.
I bought this pen around...
December 17, 2011
I bought this pen around a year ago, and I've used it pretty much every day. It writes like a dream, and drawing with it's pretty good. Replacing the cartridges is very easy, which is good, since this pen seems to go through a good amount of ink. During my heaviest periods of use, I probably replace the cartridge once a month or so. (Note that the ink in the standard Lamy cartridges isn't waterproof. A converter can solve that though.) Also, the nib can be changed out fairly easily. I like the Fine size, though I don't actually find it to be particularly fine, probably around 0.7mm. Overall a great everyday pen at a great price. (I paid about ten dollars more for mine.)
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It's okay. Just okay....
December 27, 2010
Verified Purchase
It's okay. Just okay. The fine nib is awfully fine. The nib feels stiff and slightly scratchy. The pen feels high quality though. The converter works great. Honestly I prefer the cheap Pilot disposables because of their thick line, smooth feel, and rapid ink flow.
I also like my Waterman better.
Yet this pen is superior to any of the cheap Chinese pens I've tried.
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