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Exactly what I needed....
July 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Exactly what I needed. Very smooth for such an inexpensive pen,
Very nice pen at a great...
April 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very nice pen at a great price! Seems durable and comfortable to write with. Good everyday fountain pen !
Good strong red. To my...
April 23, 2015
Good strong red. To my eye it is nicely balanced between too orange and too blue.

The M nib works well if you want your letters to have a bit of line variation. Unless you know you loathe line width variation, I'd tend to say you should have a M in your arsenal. The nibs are easy to swap if you change your mind. I have not found that Lamy nibs are super consistent in width. Some Ms write like an F, some are broader than a typical M. Some Fs write like an M or an EF. If a particular line width matters a lot to you, I'd buy in a shop rather than online so you can be sure the nib suits.

Since I hate blue ink, I would not recommend using the supplied blue cartridge. Lamy cartridges last a long time, and trying to write one out while you're hating the color is pretty painful. So if you also hate blue, make sure you buy a converter to go with the pen. The converters aren't as huge as the cartridges, but they last for a lot of writing, and they allow you to use whatever ink you might like best.

Oh and while I don't like Lamy's blue all that much... it's a nice dry ink. Very hard to smear no matter how fast you tear along, and you don't wind up covered in ink smudges as is often the lefty's fate with other inks. Most Lamy inks I've tried are fairly dry and lefty friendly, while still having shading and being decently expressive. And their ink is cheap.
Not the fire-engine red...
February 9, 2012
Not the fire-engine red I was looking for hence the -2 stars (I really was hoping for a fire-engine or lipstick red.). I own several Lamy Safaris -- combination of good price and works great right out the box. Usually I find Lamy to be a wet writer especially in the M nib compared to Japanese FPs in M. The red body color of this pen is darker than I wanted, perhaps with a hint of orange (?) in this northerly (Chicago) winter morning light. Other than the body color not being what I hoped for, I love the function of all my other Lamy Safaris (charcoal, white, pink, etc :). You can really have fun trying other inks so make sure to get at least one converter.
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