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A great sunny yellow...
March 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
A great sunny yellow fountain pen. Typical high quality Lamy deal here. However, I did get an unusually scratchy nib on this one, which I think was probably a fluke. I own several other Lamys and their nibs were all better. I tried a little fine tuning on this nib with no success. So I eventually replaced it with a 1.1 mm stub, which worked out great. The stub nib writes beautifully and turned this into a daily writer. I like the cheerful yellow color.

I post all my pens, and Lamys always post very well. The feel is very balanced when I write with it posted. It would work fine for those who like it unposted, however. The balance is great either way.

I like the Safari; however, just my preference - I'd like to see more pretty colors in the Al-Star aluminum version. To me, that pen is just a little edgier, more modern. But they both rank pretty high in my daily rotation.
Surprisingly light, but...
February 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
Surprisingly light, but very comfortable, and nicely shaped - every line and corner is necessary, nothing extra and nothing wasted. The plastic feels very strong, and changing nibs is a cinch.
Unfortunately, the extra-fine nib I ordered turns out to be less thin than the stock nib on a Pilot Metro... But that's a fairly minor complaint. Great fountain pen.
I am just searching to...
May 26, 2013
I am just searching to buy the lamy confused in Extra Fine Nib, Fine Nib and Medium Nib
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