Lamy Safari Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Red Body

Lamy Safari Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Red Body

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Life is a jungle, and the popular Lamy Safari can take you through it one line at a time. Lamy is a world-famous pen company headquartered in Germany. Their Safari line consists of high quality pens made of sturdy ABS plastic and flexible brass wire chrome clips.

Pencil takes 0.5 mm lead and features a Lamy Z 18 eraser with cleaning needle underneath the cap. Great look, great design.

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after a few weeks of...
May 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
after a few weeks of use i think it's best to redo the review.
the good:
I still really like the body shape and the way your fingers fall into the flat grip comfortably. like this pencil so much , that i own three.
now for the bad part:
manufacturing seems very inconsistent. even contacted lamy use regarding some of the issues and their reply is " oh...i'll talk to my pen tech" there is a lot of play in the guide pipe, more precisely in the lead itself. the bushing that should be in the pipe to secure the lead is wider than it should be, and that allows the lead to move around too much within the guide pipe. the yellow safari i use is perfect. no problems so far, but my red one had a lot of play. the problem became worse the more i used it. to the point where the lead was no longer being held in place, every click would let the lead fall out completely. ordered a blue one and the problem was not as severe but still there. I have to point out that this is in no way jetpens fault and they were as helpful as always regarding problems with the merchandise, and it's replacement. I'll still use the safaris, for me the comfort is hard to match, and thats enough for me to overlook some serious design flaws, but at the price, you may want to carefully think it over before buying one.
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...forgot to add, mine...
March 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
...forgot to add, mine comes with two separate scratch marks on the plastic body... they were easy to spot on the shiny surface.
Just got it, but have...
March 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
Just got it, but have a few aesthetic issues... otherwise a great pencil so far.

The seams on the body (mentioned by mchavezart) left by molding are quite intrusive. It also can be seen in the 3rd picture above. Mine has two fairly sharp and visible seams that can be easily felt when holding it.

It seems that the issue was a shrinkage problem during the manufacturing... the bottom piece (the side with the LAMY logo) is slightly narrower than the top half (the metal clip side) so the seams feel like "drop-offs" on both sides, due to the two pieces not matching perfectly. Not sure if this is a common manufacturing issue or just my luck.

...has an tiny bit left over from the plastic injection that wasn't trimmed, but it's fairly minor and can be fixed by a sharp knife.

Quite hard to pull out with fingers. I am never going to use it just to make sure I can refill (and keep it nice and clean). However the eraser "plug" housing is very nicely designed. It's the best I have seen in all my drafting/mechanical pencils. This is the only pencil that actually pays attention to the eraser plug design, instead of just stick a needle pin into the eraser and call it good. Unfortunately the eraser itself was too short to make this pretty design very useful.

Other than the plastic manufacturing issue, this pencil feels and writes well. Hard to imagine the same people who designed the parts would let the plastic issue slide. I hope there will be a "version 2.0" of this series.
wasn't sure how this...
February 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
wasn't sure how this particular pencil would work out, but it's great. Interesting grip, triangular, provides a comfortable hold. there are no grooves or a knurled grip, or anything that would prevent slippage, but i have not had any issues with that.
Keep in mind though that it is plastic and if your hand sweats a lot, then this might not be the best choice. that said, the plastic does not feel cheap in any way. there is one seam going down the side where the piece was molded together, but is very smooth. sliding sleeve is a plus, although i have noticed from time to time that the sleeve doesn't extend completely, but that has not affected it's performance.
the eraser is small, as are most mechanical pencil erasers, and it's a little tricky to take out, I have to get a firm grip on the eraser itself just to pull it out. Makes me wonder how tough it would be to remove with a worn down eraser. on the plus side though, at least it's not going to slide out on its own.
Overall it's a nice pencil. With assorted colors and a really nice finish, it makes it a nice addition to any collection, or artist tool