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3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I draw every day, and..., February 13, 2010
I draw every day, and this is what I use mostly. It is absolutely made to draw with. I like its weight and diameter. The length helps the balance, I believe. It fits my hand and is very maneuverable on a surface.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  -NICE WEIGHT AND LENGTH,..., November 13, 2011


2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  This truly is a great..., November 8, 2011
This truly is a great drafting pencil with amazing design.l'm an illustrator and really have to use only the most comfortable products for my everyday job.The ergonomic shape of this pencil beautifully sits inside the hand.The weight is just great and the shape offers many frequent,subconscious changes of holding angles during drawing.The clip is removable for even bigger comfort.l could say this pencil makes a beautiful symbiosis with the hand to become as one.And that's what l'm always looking for.
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  This pencil seemed too..., October 5, 2012
This pencil seemed too short when it arrived,....but there is just something about it that the moment it is in my hand, I feel at peace with my drawing! It's a marvelous pencil with a nice weight and girth about it. I removed the clip because I love the streamlined look to it. I do NOT share this pencil with anyone. It's THAT good!

If they ever offer a taller one with the same shape and girth, will be the ultimate pencil. This one is pretty darn close to perfection.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Very Comfortable to use...extr..., August 26, 2010
Very Comfortable to use...extremely satisfied..However only thing that irks me is internal mechanisim is plastic..
  Well, my initial enthusiasm..., June 2, 2013
Well, my initial enthusiasm for this pencil has been tempered a bit by use. It's still a good instrument that goes into my pocket daily, but its got some issues. First, the clip is ridiculously flimsy. It might work if you are clipping it into a shirt pocket, but any other pocket, just forget it. Mine died long ago. Second, the eraser cap is very loose. It fell off in the pocket any number of times until I finally lost it for good. Third, you cant replace these parts through Lamy (as far as I can tell). With a bit more attention to detail, this could be the ultimate EDC pencil, but particularly considering the price, its not there yet.
  Yes, this is exactly..., February 4, 2013
By jas...
Yes, this is exactly what I wanted. Short enough and safe enough (with the retracting lead sleeve) for daily carry. Comfortable. Durable. Awesome!
  I like this pencil quite..., January 19, 2013
By jas...
I like this pencil quite a bit. It's perfect for carrying around and jotting notes. It's sharp looking and clips into my pocket nicely. It does give my hand a cramp if I write with it too long and I find myself using other pencils or pens when at my desk. Overall, though its perfect for what I use it for.
  My only nit/pic is the..., September 22, 2012
My only nit/pic is the tip (point), I wish it was tapered to match up with the body (this would be more aesthetically appealing). All in all though its a great pencil, easy to write with and draw, plus the 0.7mm lead makes it very smooth. I mainly use mine for math homework and love it!
  The Best products ever!!!! Th..., August 15, 2012
By bor...
The Best products ever!!!!
Thank you so much.
  This pencil is one that..., June 29, 2012
This pencil is one that will have to grow on me (no pun intended) as I really love the weight of it but was very disappointed in how short it was. I'm going to have to try and get used to the shortness of it before I can consider it as a daily user in my sketchbook.

The clip is useless as a stabilizer but may prove useful to those that plan to carry it on the go.

I find it to be a bit slippery, but I do love how it feels.

The weight is perfect.

It writes well and seems solidly built and well constructed.
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  FIRST - The mechanism..., September 24, 2010
By toy...
FIRST - The mechanism is METAL, not plastic. There is a second plastic cap under the nose that covers the mechanism. That cap pulls off and reveals the METAL lead dispensing mechanism. That cap has the sliding lead-sleeve in it. The actual mechanism appears to be Brass. There is a metal shaft attached to the metal mechanism and the metal parts have a plastic shell/shaft around them, then outside of that is the outer barrel of the pencil.
SECOND- The pencil does have some give or mushiness, but it isn't from the plastic parts flexing, it's just the way it was designed. It is not a problem for me, you have to push down firmly to notice the give, so if you are drafting or sketching you will notice, but probably not in just writing. Chances are you won't be using this pencil for drafting/sketching. But, when you do push enough to notice the give, you will notice that the entire internals move (the click button at the back also moves) this tells you that it is NOT the mechanism flexing, but the design of the pencil has give in it intentionally. I couldn't figure how to take the whole thing apart, but i think there is a rubber bushing inside so it will give and not break leads. That's how it feels to me. Many pencils have this feature designed into them. That is a matter of personal preference.
THIRD- I will say that the lead-sleeve could be longer, or that they used pre-designed internals from another pencil and built their shell around it.
FINALLY- It is very comfortable to write with, the length is perfect, shorter than normal pencils yet still long enough. The pencil and the pen have a soft click design which is a love it or hate it feature. The pen actually does not "click" at all, i like it. It is very unique look and feel, but does seem overpriced. I think it should be NO MORE than $15. If the barrel was also metal and the lead sleeve longer i would probably give it a 5.
P.S. - I just noticed that there are mold lines the length of the pencils plastic body, BUT, they did a VERY good job of making them minimal. I had to really look to find them, you can feel them if you are really looking, but I didn't notice them when using the pencil. I noticed them when inspecting and taking apart for this review.
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  a little mushy to write..., September 14, 2010
a little mushy to write with, because the internals are plastic and soft, if u write with enough pressure it feels like the tip retracts just a bit when you press down. actually it does.

If it wasn't so comfortable, this pencil will NOT get pass 3 starts, but its the most comfy pencil i've ever used. And you just WANT to write with it. seriously.

I still think its over priced for what you are getting though.
0 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  please restock..., February 23, 2010
please restock