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GREAT PEN. Got it a week...
August 1, 2011
Verified Purchase
GREAT PEN. Got it a week ago and have been happy since, writes smooth, fine lines and the weight on it is great WITHOUT the cap on. Would reccomend this pen to everyone
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This pen gets two stars...
March 30, 2012
This pen gets two stars for the sleek look, but I've had nothing but bad experiences with this pen.

My two gripes:

1. It's too heavy to write with for more than a quick note - it's like modern-day people equate heft with quality, and fountain pens are luxury items before they're writing instruments. I like to write things out by hand, and I just can't hold this thing up for more than a few minutes without hand fatigue and/or cramps.

2. After about a month of owning this pen, ink started leaking out of places ink should not be, and crusting. It crusted all over the top seam of the nib and the band at the nib-end of the barrel. I separated all the major parts and cleaned them thoroughly, but the leakage/crusting happened again.

I'd send it in for repairs but since it's too heavy and not enjoyable to write with, I don't really see the point. I was really bummed out because I'd heard LAMY pens were supposed to be so amazing, but for me, this one was just an amazing waste of money.

I think maybe someone with bigger/stronger hands than mine would be a better fit for this pen, provided yours doesn't leak/crust like mine.
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I really like this pen....
May 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
I really like this pen. It is very heavy, but I tend to squeeze hard on my pens if they are too light, so this pen helps me get a better grip without squeezing my hand until it hurts. You might need to find the right paper so it doesn't get skippy, but it depends on how fast you write.

One problem I always seem to have with Lamy pens is the nibs. After a while they become lose, I try tightening them and cleaning but they still slide around. I have only replaced one, so I am hoping I can tighten it up instead of buying a new nib, because I've hardly been able to use it before it started getting a bit loose.
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