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This is really solid...
March 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is really solid pen, literally and figuratively. The cap snaps on in a satisfying way, the clip is sturdy, and the body is tough but not heavy. It writes well too, good flow and all that, although it seems to go through ink slightly faster than some of my other pens. My only major gripe with it is that the grip is made of polished metal, which is slippery and tends to attract a lot of fingerprints & scratches. If you're really concerned about that, you can go with the more expensive palladium version, which has a matte grip. Overall, I love the design of this pen, and it works well. I use it every day.
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The steel-nibbed Lamy...
January 23, 2011
The steel-nibbed Lamy Studio is an excellent writing, Bauhaus-inspired, fountain pen. The fine steel nib is as good or better than my Lamy Studio with 14K gold nib. The soft, rubberized surface is a pleasure to hold and the cap has a positive snap-on feature when posted. It doesn't slip off, and I like that feature. Ink flow is excellent and the nib is smooth. The fine steel width is a bit narrower than the 14K gold fine nib. I also own a Lamy Accent with an extra-fine 14K nib which I consider closer to the Studio fine steel nib. No Lamy nib is as fine as my Pilot Capless Decimo fine, however. All in all, this black Studio is a terrific writing instrument.
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I love this pen. I use...
July 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love this pen. I use it nearly every day for writing patient notes and prescriptions at work, and letters and journals at home. I have used it for about 5 years now, and while the cap underneath the clip is a little scratched, and the nib is occasionally flecked with ink from when I've dropped it (and I have dropped it with the cap on several times) overall it looks just as fantastic as the day I bought it. At one point I thought I had lost it and ordered another, so now I have two, but the replacement sits in my desk "just in case" and the original is still going strong. I've gone through several bottles of Waterman's Serenity Blue ink, and I hope to empty many more with the same pen.

It's easy to get caught up in buying the latest and greatest pen, trying new styles, etc., but if you're tired of that, and like me just want a solid, dependable, never-skipping clear lined basic writing implement that is classy without being garish and virtually indestructible without being clunky, look no further. Buy this pen.
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The cap doesn't stay...
March 5, 2016
The cap doesn't stay on anymore and I have no idea why. It's useless now. Also the finish is easily scratched and when it is the black coating is scraped away and shiny metal is revealed. I like the design, but after less than a year its broken. Lame-y.
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