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  Tested this ink in a..., May 11, 2013
Tested this ink in a Lamy CP1 with a fine nib. This ink is definitely on the dry side and my pen has a hard time maintaining sufficient ink flow. As another user noted, the ink looks great (nice and saturated dark blue with good shading) for the first few words of a sentence; however, upon further writing the ink subsequently writes much lighter and dries to a steel-blue color. This ink would be good in a wetter writing pen. I am now using Diamine Blue-Black and am very satisfied with the performance of that ink when compared to the Lamy Blue-Black.
  Very good blue-black..., March 19, 2014
Very good blue-black ink. It IS somewhat dry, but for use in a 1.1 stub, there's no problem on any paper, whatsoever. The color seems washed-out, initially, but eventually starts to 'look right'. It is no longer IG, but retains 'some' water resistance. I keep it in my regular rotation. The well in the bottle is a bonus that's not found in many brands, today. Don't buy it, just for the blotter tape - a paper towel is easier to use - but it's a nice thought.
  beautiful navy blue!!..., May 12, 2013
By cod...
beautiful navy blue!! your script will command respect whether your signing crucial documents or just a coffee receipt. I am using this ink in a Waterman Hemisphere and a Waterman Perspective - both medium nibs. I think the wetness is absolutely perfect, drying time is nice and quick compared to Waterman ink. The blotter tape is great too, although not quite large enough for the big mess I make when refilling. I may be hooked on this ink for a long time!
  Terrific color...for..., January 30, 2013
Terrific color...for the first two or three words. It flows like a high viscosity motor oil, but color-wise, this is what a blue-black ink should be.
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  One of the best blue..., December 2, 2012
By pen...
One of the best blue black inks available. Since Pelikan blue black stopped production, this has become my favorite. The bottle functions well for filling and there's some blotter paper integrated with the ink well, but the ink alone is well worth it.