Lamy Tipo Rollerball Pen - Medium Point - White Body - Black Ink

Lamy Tipo Rollerball Pen - Medium Point - White Body - Black Ink

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The Lamy Tipo is ready for use instantly, and features a fool-proof pocket stain preventing design! When the black plastic clip is pressed to extend the roller ball tip, the clip itself hooks into a slot in the pen body so it can no longer be used to clip the pen onto a pocket. When the top of the clip is pressed, however, the roller ball tip disappears inside the body and the clip returns to its original position. The Lamy Tipo can then once again be clipped onto a pocket without any risk of stains. The pen features a plastic grip, and a sturdy plastic barrel. Multiple body colors, and ink refill colors available.

Pen dimensions: 5 inches (12.8 cm) long, and 0.4 inches (11 mm) in diameter.

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(Note: I did not purchase...
June 18, 2015
(Note: I did not purchase this pen from, but from a bookstore. I very much like JetPens and their customer service, and want to point out that this review does not reflect on them in any way, just the Lamy product itself.)

I really liked the design of this pen as soon as I saw it, especially it's minimalist clip/button, and I liked how smoothly it wrote when I tested it in the store I bought it in. I bought all six colors, including the one with an aluminum body, for myself and for the office I work in. Unfortunately, after using them for a couple of weeks, I realized that their high price ($12+ each where I bought them) does not reflect the quality of the pens. I noticed several flaws that were hard to ignore:

- The pen is larger in diameter than I'd prefer, about the same width as a Crayola marker. This makes it feels a bit awkward in your hand.
- The pen is also heavier than you'd expect. The aluminum body pen is slightly heavier, but not by much. (The aluminum was the only one I liked)
- The ink is very smooth and consistent, but takes a long time to dry and is VERY easily smudged by anything damp, even when fully dried. I have to be very careful to not let my arm and hand touch the paper when I write with it, which is really annoying.
- The cool clip-plus-button "bar" is badly designed. Even though this was what sold me on the pen's looks, I later realized that you can't clip it onto anything that moves (like a pocket on your clothes), because the bar slides around, extending and retracting the pen tip and getting ink onto anything it touches. The plastic that the bar is made from is also made from what feels like very cheap plastic, and is too flexible to be used as a tension clip or pen button. In fact, because the bar extends past the tail-end of the pen, I often worry that something will catch on it and snap the bar off completely.
Worst of all though, is that the little "hook" on the end of the bar that catches onto the hole in the body doesn't catch well at all. Just to click the pen "open" so the tip is extended for writing usually takes several tries, because the smooth hook won't catch on the smooth hole in the pen body. Then when it finally does catch and stays there, it sometimes pops out and retracts the pen tip while you're writing with it.

It's a real shame, because I've gotten lots of compliments on my "beautiful pen", but I rarely use it because it's such a pain to write with. If Lamy had made the clip-bars out of metal or a better grade of plastic, this would probably be a pretty decent pen. Not excellent, but alright. Sadly though, the flimsy plastic the bar is currently made of ruins what good qualities this pen does have.
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great feel...writes smoothly,...
December 29, 2015
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great feel...writes smoothly, slick but simple vibe