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September 13, 2013
You will love this pen!...
You will love this pen! The engineering is marvelous, this thing is the Dyson of fountain pens. It can elegantly withstand rigorous work and office abuse, and the perfectly designed clip actually clips onto heavy jean pockets (not just paper thin dress shirt pockets like most pens). The demonstrator look adds to my appreciation of the engineering. It is very solid, and there is no wasted space or unnecessary movement.

Lamy Vista - the ultimate everyday carry, but still looks amazing on a nice desk or fancy notebook

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March 9, 2011
I have several fountain...
I have several fountain pens, ranging from $3 (Platinum preppy) to $300. This pen writes amazingly well considering its price range, especially when paired up with a bottle of nice ink and a converter. Besides, I simply love demonstrator pens and Lamy has great designs. It is a wet writer, BTW, so the fine nib writes like a medium nib for those who are used to Asian brands. It is also more prone to nib creep (ink creeping onto the face of the nib) in my experience. It also has changeable nibs (sold on JetPens as well), which is very cool.

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December 30, 2009
Not a bad pen at all...
Verified Purchase
Not a bad pen at all for a starter! I've been using disposable Pilot Varsity fountain pens for a while, and finally decided to buy something more permanent. It writes very smoothly with some PR Black Magic Blue my friend let me fill it with.

I will say that this pen writes much better in my hand with the cap not posted. The cap, in comparison to the actual pen, weighs a lot. Aside from that you can't go wrong with this pen at this price!

Thanks again Jetpens! Great products, great prices, and speedy delivery!

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January 9, 2015
This pen was for my 18...
Verified Purchase
This pen was for my 18 year old son and he liked the pen and it does write just fine, however, I would rather have spent more money for a better fountain pen.

June 9, 2014
Really love the pen and...
Verified Purchase
Really love the pen and easy to write with. I bought it along with the converter and use J. Herbin inks. I originally bought the Fine nib but had to go with the Extra Fine nibs as the Fine wrote too broad for my liking but this only happens when I use the J. Herbin inks as with the Lamy ink cartridge the Fine nib was good, so recommended to go with the Extra Fine nib if you use the J. Herbin nib though results may vary.

April 7, 2011
Love the clear see-thru...
Verified Purchase
Love the clear see-thru to everything. Shiny clear plastic & metal, blue ink, and the red end of the Lamy Z 24 converter!