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Laurence King

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Laurence King Magma Sketchbook - Design & Art Direction - 9.5" X 7 " - 152 Pages - LAURENCE KING 9781856699044
I really like the look of this sketchbook, but the paper is just not smooth enough for use with pens unless you love lots of texture messing with your ink.

I have started drawing in it using lead holders, and I think it's just great for putting ideas down as long as you are OK using pencil or similar implements.

I give it 4 stars because I think it could be a useful, attractive notebook for somebody who uses pencil a lot. I like the way it looks on my desk, and that's good for something. :)

There is a pocket in the back cover which is nice, but it's non-expanding (non-accordion) so its utility may be a bit limited.

About Laurence King

Laurence King was established in London in 1991, and now publishes thoughtfully designed books on the creative arts.