Life Airmail Letter Pad - Blank - 50 Sheets

Life Airmail Letter Pad - Blank - 50 Sheets

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This high-quality, feather-resistant letter pad pays homage to the early days of airmail, when lightweight onionskin paper was used to save every gram of weight possible. The thin, translucent paper is similar to tracing paper, allowing the use of an included guide sheet to aid in writing neat, straight lines. The guide sheet is printed on one side with horizontal lines spaced approximately 9 mm apart and printed on the other side with vertical lines spaced approximately 10 mm apart.

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I get a bit nostalgic...
June 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
I get a bit nostalgic over this because I frequently used this kind of featherweight onion paper when I was a kid. Now 30 odd years later it's pretty difficult to find in-store. So I'm grateful JetPens stocks this. Obviously this sort of medium has major limitations, but if you've ever worked with this paper, you either become a rabid fan or hate the stuff--very little gray area. It can't handle heavy inks and is a one side of the sheet-only paper, but I find great satisfaction scribbling over this with my Slicci or even LePen. The included line guide comes with both horizontal and vertical orientation. I like to cut it and make gift card sized sheets as a little addition to the contents of mini envelopes; the film-like quality is just a nice touch. For stationery or for art projects, any paper addict should have this in their collection. And long winded letter writers and can send pages upon pages of this stuff for the price of a single stamp! Only complaint is 50 sheets goes pretty fast. Would love to see this offered (perhaps at a slightly more affordable price point) as 200+ sheets pad.
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ella kwint
When I bought this, jetpens...
May 21, 2015
When I bought this, jetpens didn't carry it, but I bought it from Kinokuniya and it is VERY fountain pen friendly and VERY thin. Naturally you can't use both sides due to how thin the paper is but it's actually great paper. It really makes inks pop.
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I agree with another...
March 22, 2016
Verified Purchase
I agree with another reviewer in that this paper is very nostalgic for me. My parents traveled an ocean to build their lives in the US, carrying with them two suitcases and a baby. We all got so excited when the air mail envelopes would arrive. Sometimes I wouldn't see it, but I'd hear the unique crinkle of the paper and know it meant that there was a letter from family.

I got this pad of paper wondering if it was only great because I was a kid remembering it one way, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was just what I remembered, and more! My fountain pens don't bleed through (they might a bit if I linger too long on one spot) nor do they feather. Other pens work just as well. I write shopping lists and "honey do" lists on it just to experience the paper more often. I've gotten my husband hooked and am here now to buy him a pad of paper of his own! Thank you for carrying this, JetPens! It's so difficult to find unless you come across a rare Japanese book and stationery store and I am so happy I can easily get it now.

Side note: some have noted that this is like your run-of-the-mill tracing paper. I don't disagree, but it is not of the same quality (and my tracing paper doesn't make that signature sound when I unfold it).
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Amazing paper! It's very...
March 4, 2016
Verified Purchase
Amazing paper! It's very thin, so double-sided use is difficult. It's perfect for practicing calligraphy because you can easily see the guides underneath.
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Very happy with this...
May 17, 2016
Verified Purchase
Very happy with this purchase. Like it better than the Mead product I had used for years.