Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Twist Ring Notebook - Semi B5 - Lined - Milky White Clear

Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Twist Ring Notebook - Semi B5 - Lined - Milky White Clear

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Flipping through your trusty notebook, you find to-do's on the first page, notes from yesterday's meeting on the next page, an unidentifiable doodle on the next, more to-do's on the next ... soon you find that your to-do's are scattered everywhere and it looks like creating a consolidated list might involve re-writing or ripping and stapling pages. But you don't bother with those hassles. Instead you snap open the rings and simply rearrange the pages! You move all pages of to-do's to the beginning of your notebook and now they're a cinch to find.

With a clean light design inspired by water drops, the Lihit Lab Aqua Drops Twist Ring Notebook keeps your notes and life organized. Employing a unique mechanism, the rings resemble those of a spiral ring notebook except that they are incredibly easy to open and close, allowing page removal and rearrangement without tearing. This means that you no longer have to deal with unsightly torn pages and the accompanying paper bits that get stuck in the rings and eventually create a mess in your bag. You can also exchange notes with your friends and colleagues, neatly transfer pages from one notebook to another, and keep refilling your notebook with fresh new sheets.

You can even use the Lihit Lab Hole Punch to punch holes in your own papers and put them into your notebook. Try this with your notes, receipts, magazine clippings, and more!

Right up there with its functionality, this notebook's aesthetic design is pleasing as well, featuring clear rings and a rainbow of available cover colors.

The notebook has 29 rings and contains 30 sheets of paper lined with 36 lines of 6 mm rule. It is semi B5 size: 7.0 x 9.9 inches (17.9 x 25.2 cm).

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I really enjoy this notebook!...
April 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
I really enjoy this notebook! It is lightweight, thin, able to be folded back easily on itself (if you don't overstuff it with paper), intelligent in its design (I'm not aware of any brand in America that has this sheer thinness and a binding of this type combined), and it is a joy to use. The plastic spine on this brand is not as flimsy as the Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring spine. You have to pull the top area of the left spine side and the bottom area of the lower spine side to open it, but I feel like this is much better compared to the Smart Ring binder. But of course, because of the nature of the binding, you don't want to rough handle it, generally speaking. I have had mine for two months, and it has held up well just being stashed between my Japanese language textbooks for when I go to my Japanese class. I have probably opened and added and removed paper no less than 20 times from it, and the mechanism for opening is just great so far.

The paper is good quality, smooth to write on, and is almost like the standard paper you can find in JetPen's Kokuyo-brand notebooks (the Lihit Lab's paper is slightly more see-through than standard Kokuyo, I feel, but not as thin/semi-transparent as Kokuyo Mio paper, for instance).

I have bought 3 of these so far for different purposes, and I plan on buying a few more to have as backups, and/or possibly for other subjects/interests.

If I could give it 4.5 stars, I would, because of the binding being something I just have to watch out for. I try to carefully let it dangle over the side of any books I stash it between. But, I supposed the binding may not work if it were any tougher/rigid? I don't know. . .
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nice notebook...
August 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
nice notebook
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jaws revenge
Great notebook. The twist...
March 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great notebook. The twist ring feature means it's pretty much the slimmest binder you can find. If you write small, it's easy to fit several classes worth of notes in it and reorganize at will. The paper is also held in quite well since there are so many holes. The paper itself is very nice, it's smooth and a good thickness. I occasionally use fountain pens and have never had any trouble with bleedthrough. My only quibble is that the paper format is not very standard (29 hole?? why not 26?), but they do sell graph paper refills, which covers my needs.
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Love this notebook! I...
January 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
Love this notebook! I take it with me almost everywhere! The paper is very soft and there is enough of it so that you won't need to buy refills for it right away if you don't want to. However, if you're using it a lot for things such as note taking, getting some refills is a good idea.
This notebook is terrific....
September 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
This notebook is terrific. It has a great writing surface that lets me easily glide with my Jetstream pen. For writers with small handwriting, this notebook is great. Easily being able to take out the pages is also a plus. The only drawback is that the notebook doesn't come with many sheets. Thirty sheets are definitely not enough to take notes and use for assignments.