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I absolutely adore this...
August 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I absolutely adore this pencil case and, although it may not be able to carry a whole awful lot, I can still enjoy the convenience of only having to carry what is necessary. The little pockets inside the case are helpful in storing small things such as a USB, whiteout, or basically anything that may fall out in the main compartment. I think I will use this case for many years to come, as it is extremely capable of fulfilling more than just my everyday school needs.
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This gray Otomo is so...
February 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
This gray Otomo is so beautiful I keep it in sight in my workspace even when I don´t use it. Only 4 stars, because the bottom seams take a lot of room on the inside, and may overlap some pencil so that it´s hard to reach. You sort of have to dig deeper for your pencils than you might expect with a small case like this. It´s a bit annoying - bad design. I sometimes wonder it I could fix it with some stitches but I´m not very skilled in sowing.
Good for carrying perhaps 5 pencils, a Boxy, a small sharpener, a 6 inch ruler, after that it gets crowded. A beauty.
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This pencil case is clean...
September 6, 2016
Verified Purchase
This pencil case is clean and cushioned, and it holds only the essentials I need for school. What I don't like is the seam at the bottom. As another reviewer commented, the seam takes up just a little bit too much space that could have been a spot for an extra pen. The front zipper pocket can't hold much either without pushing into the main compartment - the only thing that goes in there is a 6-inch metal ruler. The two tiny pockets inside are good for erasers like the Uni Boxy (since apparently it ruins plastic, or so I've heard), but if you're short on space, then you can just stick the erasers on the side (the length of the case should be longer than the typical length of pens and pencils). There also seems to be an issue in which the case tends to pitch forward, and I think it's because of the seams. It's annoying, but not really a deal breaker. As for what it can hold, I have a mechanical pencil, two highlighters, five pens, a thin marker, two erasers, one ruler, and one lead refill. Depending on how thick your writing utensils are, it can be a tight fit, but this pencil case is perfect for when I don't need 30 different types of pens.
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