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This is nice feeling...
January 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is nice feeling material, a bit brighter green than shows up on my monitor. Unfortunately the answer to the question is that an iPad 2 does not fit, even with no cover at all. Good quality for the price. I may sew in a cord to hold a sewn notebook; this does open flat.
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This bag is brilliant!...
September 15, 2011
Verified Purchase
This bag is brilliant! First of all, the color is wonderful and it is the perfect shade of green, like a new leaf. It is very functional as well. I put an A5 notebook and small scheduler in the main pocket, a memo pad in one of the smaller pockets, my flash cards for Arabic in the other small pocket, my cellphone in one velcro pocket, ear plugs, eraser and highlighter in the other velcro pocket, and finally my Livescribe pen in the pen pocket! It hold all I need for class, and is absolutely perfect. I may just get all the other colors as well!
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There are not enough...
August 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
There are not enough words to say how much I love this Bag in Bag. It holds my Kindle HD7 Fire, my Apica CD notebook, my A5 Shitajiki writing board, my pilot multi pen, my FitBit charging cord, ear buds, my Kindle charging cord and sometimes my phone. It is so easy to switch from commute bag, to backpack, to purse to just taking it to the couch to chill. Best birthday present I ever bought myself. Love it!!!
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I love this little bag!...
October 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this little bag! It fits two mobile phones and a Kindle, a pen and a pad, with room to spare. Yet it is slim and compact inside my tote. I might just get another color!
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This bag is super cute....
October 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
This bag is super cute. The drawbacks are that the zipper didn't seem secured well on one end--keeps popping out--and if you put pens in the pockets, you can't close them. An iPhone 6 does not fit in the flap pockets either, but you can tuck it in the pocket behind. So I'm not surely sure what would fit in the pockets. The padding would make it a good choice for a small tablet/iPad mini.
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SO CUTE. Handy and versatile...
February 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
SO CUTE. Handy and versatile with the five pockets (2 w/ velcro closures, three open), and a zipped section to hold pads or most size tablets (mine is mini ipad and there is more then enough room for it, a writing pad and more.. Holds all the little junk I carry for travel or everyday. Fits right in my hobo type shoulder bag so will easily fit in most purses, backpacks, or briefcases.

It is especially nice that the colors, especially this one are, are bright, making it easy to spot. I have had a few scares with black colored cases, phones, LTE Hot spot, where I thought I lost items, and would not spot then in the dark interior of the car. This is great and the color makes it easy to keep track of.

I will probably add a wrist strap thru the two holes of the zipper pulls so that I can keep a solid hold on it when pulling it out for airport scans while traveling. It is not slippery, but little handle would be nice to get a firm grab on it.

Very beautifully designed and finished. Not a stitch out of place on this one.
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Keeps smaller think organized...
August 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
Keeps smaller think organized in my work bag so I am not fishing around for loose items.
I bought this to hold...
May 20, 2016
Verified Purchase
I bought this to hold my iPad Air, my iPhone 6, passport and other in-flight needs on my frequent international trip. I really want to like this product, which is well built and beautiful, but the design misses so many important features that rapidly dampens my enthusiasm for it. Every compartment is just a few millimeters short from being perfect. It is as if the designer never thought of measuring some of the most popular products most people may want to put in there besides the standard notebook. The front pocket is too short for iPhone 6 (You can forget about "s"). The main compartment will fit a naked iPad Air VERY snugly, meaning you cannot have even the simplest Apple cover on your iPad Air. The only that works well is fitting a passport in the big front pocket.

So this is a product with very specific niche, you buy it to store A5 notebook. Don't think about creatively using it for other purposes as a business traveller.

Just a few more millimeters, and it would have been perfect.... sigh.
Love this bag organizer....
April 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
Love this bag organizer. Perfect for my needs (portability). I do wish it had a pocket on the back side too, but I'm making a work around for that. The front right velcro pocket will (tightly) fit my uncovered, unstuffed Hobonichi techo. Interior zipper portfolio pocket fits a standard steno pad perfectly.
Gave this bag as a gift...
March 24, 2016
Verified Purchase
Gave this bag as a gift and wish I had bought one for myself. The perfect size to carry everyday items!
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