Lihit Lab The Design Mind Company System Binder - Light Blue

Lihit Lab The Design Mind Company System Binder - Light Blue

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Light and compact, this chic Lihit Lab binder is a pop of bright, sky blue within a classy exterior. Inspired by vintage style, the outside cover is made of faux black leather and includes faux hubs on the spine that mimic a real antique book. This flexible spine allows you to fold the covers back completely, making it easy to write on even without a hard surface. The 6-ring binder closure is easy to use; open rings by pushing the tab, and snap rings closed by pinching them together with your fingers. Rings hold a capacity of 80 sheets.

Please note that paper is not included, but is available separately. This binder holds papers of approximately 127 x 80 mm size, such as the Davinci refills listed under this item's Recommended Refills/Parts.

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I am notoriously bad...
October 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
I am notoriously bad at using planners. I'll buy them and be amused for a few days with how pretty they are and then I'll quickly forget about them. I've been using this planner now for about 2 years and I haven't fallen out of love with it yet and I don't think I will any time soon! The refillable pages are a lifesaver and it keeps the planner from getting too bulky, which is the main reason why the large pretty heavy leather ones have never worked for me. Even still this little guy can hold a ton of pages and I never get anxious worrying that I'm "using them up" because I know I can easily order more if I have to. It's so light and portable it can even fit in my suit jacket pockets and I never feel like it weighs me down, it's always there if I need it. Even so I never felt it was too small, maybe since I write small and thin naturally but it isn't as small as some of the other more expensive perfect-bound small planners I've seen (and attempted to use and after a day gave up on), and since it lays flat it's real easy to write in.

Definitely pick up those little magnet bookmarks, a pack of two along with the two dividers inside keeps it thin and makes it easy to find the sections without worrying about them falling out. I keep getting surprised at how I'm actually using this thing...even started using highlighters, stablos, washi tape, all that stuff! As tempting as other more flashy planners can be, I don't know! I think I've found my match. It's light, a simple and clean design, the refill paper quality is great and it doesn't leave me anxious...which is something good in a planner! haha yeah I love it.
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When I ordered this item,...
September 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
When I ordered this item, I mis-read the dimensions. needless to say upon arrival I was a little surprised. Its so tiny! It was a little tricky getting used to writing in it without filling a whole page in mere seconds, but in terms of convenience you're not going to find much better than this. Fits right in your pocket, can hold a pen if you hook it on the side. You can literally break it out at a moments notice.

And also, the paper refills are pretty cheap, which is awesome too.