LunaTik Polymer Touch Pen - 0.7 mm Roller Ball Pen + Stylus - Cyan Body

LunaTik Polymer Touch Pen - 0.7 mm Roller Ball Pen + Stylus - Cyan Body

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In a world where we express ideas on both paper and touch screens, we need writing instruments for each medium. Or how about just one instrument that handles both? The LunaTik Touch Pen is both a stylus and a roller ball pen, and switches between the two with the click of a button. Use the stylus to sketch on your touchscreen, and rest assured that the roller ball pen tip is securely retracted to prevent screen damage, thanks to LunaTik's careful construction. To switch to working on paper, simply click the top button to extend the roller ball pen and start writing.

The stylus tip is made of capacitive rubber. In the Polymer series, the rest of the body is plastic. The pen comes with a 0.7 mm ceramic roller ball black ink cartridge, and accepts standard roller ball refills.

This is the cyan body pen, although some photos feature the black body pen.

Pen dimensions: 6 inches long, 0.4 inches diameter (15.3 cm long, 1.0 cm diameter)

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It took me a few minutes...
January 26, 2013
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It took me a few minutes to figure this out but the stylus works best when you are actually holding the black area of the stylus. If your holding the pen body (at least on the polymer) pen, the stylus part doesn't work well, if at all. Once I figured this out, I really like this pen. I would like to pick up a metal one, i bet if feels much better in the hand.
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