Mark's Storage.it Notebook with Cover - Large - A5 - Vintage Denim Black

Mark's Storage.it Notebook with Cover - Large - A5 - Vintage Denim Black

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Inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime. This convenient refillable notebook lets you carry everything you need to get your ideas down on paper when they're fresh, not when you finally get back to your desk minutes or hours later. Once you get your hands on it, you won't be able to let go!

The front cover has a clear plastic zip pocket that can expand to hold pens, phones, and other accessories. Touchscreens can be used through the clear plastic cover, and a small notch near the bottom edge can be used to thread a pair of earphones through. Near the top edge is a larger notch for clipping a pen or mechanical pencil. The back cover has a large slit for holding loose notes, maps, and other documents. Under the clear plastic outer cover is a firm textured cover with a limited edition vintage denim finish.

Inside the cover is a replaceable notebook with a unique and versatile page style. One side of each page is printed with 7 mm ruled lines, while the other side features a special light gray 2.5 mm grid interlaced with diagonal lines, giving you the freedom to write or draw anything from notes and sketches to maps and technical drawings.

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