Maruman Mnemosyne Notepad - Twin Ring - Modified B7 - 5 mm Rule

Maruman Mnemosyne Notepad - Twin Ring - Modified B7 - 5 mm Rule

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The Maruman Mnemosyne notepad is a small, pocket-sized version of the popular Mnemosyne line. The notepad has sturdy yet flexible plastic covers, printed with minimal text in gold and white. These plastic covers can protect your notes against water, and can fend off a few light splashes in the kitchen or a rainy commute. Writing on the front and back of every sheet is easy because the twin ring binding keeps your notepad laying flat. Each page is micro perforated for clean removal, and lined on both sides with gray 5 mm rule. Every seventh line is bold, dividing each page into four sections—this sectioning helps you organize or categorize your notes. Rounded corners also keep the pad from catching as you slip it into your pocket or bag.

This is a modified B7 size, which is longer and narrower than the standard B7 size.

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really nice notepad...
October 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
really nice notepad
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jaws revenge
Such a nice notepad....
October 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
Such a nice notepad. Very simple, classic design that I love. Not flashy, and super classy.

I admit I'm not as versed on paper as I am on pens, but I might have gasped when I touched the paper. It's so creamy! I couldn't stop touching it. This only makes me wonder how even fancier paper feels...

Ahem, anyway, it's a really nice notepad. So far what I've used on it hasn't bled or feathered at all. I've been using inky drawing pens and while I can see a shadow when I flip the page, there is not a single atom of bleeding. Notes look so clean and precise.

The sections are handy, and the coil is very sturdy and has not bent or unraveled as I carry it in my pocket at work. Stuff in my pockets get pretty beaten and bruised, but this lil' notepad is taking it like a champ.

Ultimately, I would (and will, as soon as the one I have is used up) buy it again. Yes, you can get a super cheap notepad at cheap department stores for 50 cents but the cover will wrinkle, the paper is thin, and the coil will unravel and snag. This one is worth the extra cost.
Excellent notepad. I...
April 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
Excellent notepad. I use it for word lists learning French. Holds pen beautifully but not as smooth as the Sept Couleurs so very good with writing pencil. The Sept Coulers are better with watercolor pencils. Easy and lightweight.
Nice...but I really wish...
June 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Nice...but I really wish that it had more sheets (maybe 100?)
Design: 4
Sheets (number):3

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