Maruman Note de Note Notebook - B5 (6.9" X 9.8") - 7 mm Rule - 31 Lines X 30 Sheets - Blue - Pack of 10

Maruman Note de Note Notebook - B5 (6.9" X 9.8") - 7 mm Rule - 31 Lines X 30 Sheets - Blue - Pack of 10

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Measure 9.9 x 7 inches.

These colorful Note do Note Notebooks from Maruman are thin, flexible, and perfect for coordinating different subjects. They are great for students who want to color code multiple classes, and have just enough sheets to use for one quarter/semester. In a typical letter sized spiral notebook you might find 33 college ruled lines. However, this notebook is much more compact (more than an inch shorter in both width and length) but has 31 lines so you will still be able to fit a ton of stuff in. Goes very well with a Hi-Tec-C 5 Pen Gift Set! Personal, simple, convenient.

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Customer Reviews

I am a college student,...
October 29, 2010
I am a college student, and I will say I love these notebooks, but even more I LOVE the ten pack!! I am a microbiology major and for undergraduate research I need several different notebooks. Not only that, but these are beautiful to look at with the bright colors (to bring some light to the sterile white lab) AND the size is terrific for keeping on my lab table! These are all around a wonderful buy, and with the amount of experiment notes and calculations, tables and notes that I need for my research, the ten pack is stellar. Thanks for making them available!
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I love the color of these...
April 26, 2009
I love the color of these and the fact that Jetpens now has notebooks available to it's customers. However, I would prefer that these notebooks would come in a smaller quantity, (perhaps four?) in order for myself and other customers to purchase different colors and not have to spend a fortune.
PLEASE take this review/suggestion into consideration!
(plus this would be more convenient for color coding notebooks for school)
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i actually dont mind...
September 9, 2009
i actually dont mind the 10 pack. Its quite convenient and comes at a great price. Fortunately i have enough time between classes to read the labels to see which subject they are for. (i am not in college yet so...)
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Please please please...
June 16, 2009
Please please please create a multipack of different colors like 2 of each color. Or making the pack of individuals color in smaller quantities. I have been searching my entire college career for multi colored notebooks like these that i could use to color code my classes. But never could find enough different colors that weren't ugly.

I would buy these in a heartbeat if the packs were much smaller. Please Jet Pens... I want these notebooks so much but not all of them in the same color. Thanks!
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JET PENS! What is up...
July 7, 2009
JET PENS! What is up with this ten pack business!? College students don't have the space OR money for 10 notebooks (that aren't even different colors!)!! Please sell these in smaller packs or make a multicolored pack! There are obviously multiple loyal customers who feel this way. Otherwise some money tight students might have to get notebooks elsewhere! =/
You're torturing us!
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