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Lovely color, high-quality...
May 3, 2012
Verified Purchase
Lovely color, high-quality paper, solid construction--a great product from a great company. See my reviews for the purple, orange, and blue A5 Sept Couleurs if you want to know exactly why I love these notebooks. The A4 size is a bigger version of the A5; if you have seen the A5', these are almost the same, so they're exactly what you'd expect.
Other than the size, the only difference between the A5 and A4 is: the smaller A5 notebooks have a sturdy plastic cover on front AND back, but the larger A4 notebooks only have the colored plastic cover in front--the back of the A4 is very sturdy thick cardboard. If you think about it, the plastic is sturdy enough for the smaller notebooks so that they don't need a strong cardboard back. But I was just a tiny bit disappointed at first when I saw the cardboard instead of the pretty plastic cover..then I liked it bc its much stronger, so FIVE STARS!!
I think the price is a bit high even with the coupon or the bulk discount...but if you want a GREAT high-quality A4 notebook with lots of pages, smooth paper, and a very pretty colored plastic cover, THIS Sept Couleur notebook is one to splurge on, if you have a little spending money, or perhaps, a friendly rich person decides to buy your school supplies for you, or whatever. ;-)
Most of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful pink colored cover!!! Its more magenta than pink, and the pics on this site make it look like a washed-out or pale pink...but it is very bold and bright, and you will love writing in it with a Zebra Sarasa Clip in Magenta, a Pilot Hi-Tec C in Strawberry Pink...or, whatever you like. (LOL now I sound like I work for Jetpens...but really, I'm just a very loyal customer!)
Oh and if you don't want a bright pink girly notebook, get the green A4 notebook....I bought both pink & green to compare, and they're equally great-- but green is not as flashy or bright as the pink)

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