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Lovely color, high-quality...
May 3, 2012
Verified Purchase
Lovely color, high-quality paper, solid construction--a great product from a great company. See my reviews for the purple, orange, and blue A5 Sept Couleurs if you want to know exactly why I love these notebooks. The A4 size is a bigger version of the A5; if you have seen the A5', these are almost the same, so they're exactly what you'd expect.
Other than the size, the only difference between the A5 and A4 is: the smaller A5 notebooks have a sturdy plastic cover on front AND back, but the larger A4 notebooks only have the colored plastic cover in front--the back of the A4 is very sturdy thick cardboard. If you think about it, the plastic is sturdy enough for the smaller notebooks so that they don't need a strong cardboard back. But I was just a tiny bit disappointed at first when I saw the cardboard instead of the pretty plastic cover..then I liked it bc its much stronger, so FIVE STARS!!
I think the price is a bit high even with the coupon or the bulk discount...but if you want a GREAT high-quality A4 notebook with lots of pages, smooth paper, and a very pretty colored plastic cover, THIS Sept Couleur notebook is one to splurge on, if you have a little spending money, or perhaps, a friendly rich person decides to buy your school supplies for you, or whatever. ;-)
Most of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful pink colored cover!!! Its more magenta than pink, and the pics on this site make it look like a washed-out or pale pink...but it is very bold and bright, and you will love writing in it with a Zebra Sarasa Clip in Magenta, a Pilot Hi-Tec C in Strawberry Pink...or, whatever you like. (LOL now I sound like I work for Jetpens...but really, I'm just a very loyal customer!)
Oh and if you don't want a bright pink girly notebook, get the green A4 notebook....I bought both pink & green to compare, and they're equally great-- but green is not as flashy or bright as the pink)

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This notebook is fantastic....
June 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
This notebook is fantastic. I loved it, however, I find myself using Kokuyo loose leaf because this paper is very thick and tall. My wrists hurt alot when I write, so this paper being very far off the surface of my desk makes it hurt my wrist for long periods of writing. So, I find myself not using it often. However, if this does not bother you, then it's the best of the best paper quality. Gorgeous quality paper. Paper is softer than kokyo lose leaf and it's lighter in color (pages and lines). The pages are super nice to flip and so soft. However, I had trouble finding a pen that i love using to write on it though. Felt tips were seen easier through it for some reason and my pencils had a weird lightness, even though I use 2B pencil lead. Still, find the right pen for this and man you'll love this notebook. It's just beautiful. I wish my wrists didn't hurt so much, other wise this book would be my best friend. Oh, it's heavy too, because the pages are beautiful. For me, currently, I've been using the G2 pens and they are really sharp on this paper. Just try it, you won't regret it.
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