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Gorgeous purple color!!!! The...
April 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
Gorgeous purple color!!!!
The pics don't do it justice. The actual color is bolder than the pale lavender shown in this picture. Its not pastel or pale at all! So far this purple is my favorite followed by blue, then teal, and orange last. Still I want to get the pink and green too, and is yellow permanently out of stock, because the yellow would be so pretty if its actually as bold as the other notebooks are compared to their pale misrepresentations on this site ;-) that was a long run-on sentence!!!
ok now I'll just stick to the product review basics:
paper excellent, no bleed-thru with all inks I've tried (didn't try markers, just gel, ballpoint, felt tip, & fountain inks)
pages tear out smoothly, if you don't tear out a page it stays firmly attached, you can even write across the perforated area without noticing its there!
ruled lines faint, non-obtrusive, no margins on left or right, there is a small top margin & even smaller bottom margin
color very lovely, as I've stated in all my reviews of Sept coleurs the pictures here are lighter than reality
A5 size portable, probably too small for school notes
price with coupon is slightly more palatable than without coupon...hope coupon lasts forever...hint hint...we luv u jetpens!!!!!
number of pages good, perfectly proportional to its size
spiral binding sturdy and good
durable plastic cover good
sometimes the plastic cover gathers static electricity & attracts dirt/dust/etc and you have to clean it
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The paper is nice and...
June 29, 2016
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The paper is nice and smooth, the covers are thick and sturdy and beautiful in their color, and it's just a joy of a notebook to utilize.
This notebook is cute...
December 16, 2014
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This notebook is cute and very handy! The size is perfect for me, not too small and slides into my backpack along with my books. The color is perfect, and the paper feels so so smooth to write on~! Be it with a pencil or pen, it's really relaxing ^^ Glad I bought it, would buy again~!
I use these wonderful...
August 7, 2013
I use these wonderful notebooks for my regular journals and for my Bible studies. I use pretty wet fountain pens and have no bleed through or feathering. They are very reasonably priced, especially when purchased with the 40% off coupon and free shipping over $75. How can you go wrong?

The paper is similar to the higher end Maruman notebooks, the Mnemosyne, but not as pricey, although I do use the Mnemosyne notebooks for journals as well, since they come in block lined as well as regular lined.

Thanks to Jet Pens for stocking some of the best from Japan.
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