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My personal favourite....
February 5, 2013
My personal favourite. Good line spacing (a little narrower than American standard stationery), great paper quality, and the plastic covers are see-through so you can write any title you like on the first page and have it readable. Colours are fun and bright, yet classy so they look good in any context. I've used everything from a pretty wet Lamy fine point FP down to 0.4 mm G-Tecs with excellent results. A5 is the champion size for having a good amount room while still being very portable.

Covers have a slight "corduroy" finish to them--scored diagonally. Entertaining to make little "vip vip" noises by going over it with the back of a fingernail. Obsessives who might annoy others with this sound in a classroom or office might want to avoid this notebook. :)
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