Maruman Sept Couleur Pad Holder with Loose Leaf Notepad - B5 - 6 mm Rule - Navy

Maruman Sept Couleur Pad Holder with Loose Leaf Notepad - B5 - 6 mm Rule - Navy

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Featuring the same sturdy flexible covers we know from the Sept Couleur notebooks, these lightweight pad holders are great for carrying around. The covers come in a variety of colors that you can use for color-coding. The user-friendly details are well thought out, including a little notch that keeps the elastic band closure in place, and the way the sheets are just a little separated at the left top edge, making tearing them out of the pad easier. Use the pad to write notes, recipes, to-do lists, and more, then remove the sheets to file them away. The smooth, high-quality paper is good for a variety of writing instruments, including pencils, pens, and markers. The pad holder has a big pocket on the right side to securely hold your pad in place. On the left side, there's a convenient flap pocket for you to slip in some of your loose leaf notes.

The pad holder comes with a B5 6 mm Rule notepad, which has 50 sheets. The sheets are hole-punched with 26 holes, so once you remove them from the note pad, you can organize them into a B5 binder such as our Kokuyo Campus Slide Binders or B5 Kokuyo Campus Smart Ring Binder Notebooks. Additional compatible B5 notepads are also available.

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I have the A4 size in...
September 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have the A4 size in clear, and love it to death, but I ordered this B5 size, too, for days when I want to carry a smaller purse or tote bag. The color is rich and dramatic, and everything I love about the A4 version, I love just as much with this B5.

The paper alone is worth buying the pad for. Seriously. It is downright luxurious.

But the portfolio is just as much of a star as the paper. This is the portfolio for people who want something sturdy to hold a notepad and a few documents, but don't want to carry something heavy or bulky. The cover folds back perfectly, and the elastic band holds everything in place so that the paper doesn't get wadded up when it's in a purse or backpack. It's not only sturdy enough to write with on your lap when you fold back the cover, the plastic takes a ton of abuse without dinging at all.

You can't go wrong if you're looking for a notepad holder, and nothing but a notepad holder.
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Great product!...
June 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great product!