Maruman Smooth to Write Loose Leaf Paper Wide (Folded) - B5 to B4 - 5 mm X 5 mm Graph - 26 Holes - 15 Sheets

Maruman Smooth to Write Loose Leaf Paper Wide (Folded) - B5 to B4 - 5 mm X 5 mm Graph - 26 Holes - 15 Sheets

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Students and professionals alike will instantly fall in love with this award-winning paper and its unique fold-out design. The paper comes folded in a B5 (6.9" x 9.8") size, and can unfold to a larger landscape B4 (9.8” x 13.9”) paper size. The paper is available in three formats: 5 mm graph, 6 mm rule (36 lines), or 7 mm rule (31 lines). At the top and bottom of each sheet are 5 mm spaced line dashes segmented by arrows that you can use as guides to fold the paper. You can fold the paper to cover vocabulary definitions, paste a language segment and writes notes on the left and right margin, draw charts and more. The guides also make it very easy to draw vertical lines.

Better yet, the Maruman Smooth to Write Loose Leaf Paper is a great surface for wooden and mechanical pencils, gel ink, ballpoint ink as well as markers and highlighters. The ink won’t bleed or feather on the paper so your handwriting will stay exactly the way you intended. Compatible with any B5 26 hole binder such as our Kokuyo Campus Slide Binders.

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This paper is a lifesaver...
December 27, 2015
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This paper is a lifesaver for math majors.

Like all of the breed, I go through graph paper like mad. It's not just the bazillion problems that I have to do with graphs, but then I have homework problems that can easily require three pages to solve. Don't even ask about the disaster of dropping a notebook the one time I forgot to number every part of a problem or all of the pages of my homework. Does this graph go with that problem...or that one, or...? Anybody who's majored in math knows that sleep isn't one of the things that happens on a regular basis, so forgetting to number papers AND dropping notebooks and sending the pages scattering across a campus are all too common. However, I don't worry about keeping track of those problems anymore with this paper. I make it a habit to use one fold-out sheet per problem, and that way nothing gets confused.

My professors also love being able to see more work in one place. I find that I'm also able to find mistakes when I do my last review before turning in assignments. Something about having so much of the problem there to see and not getting lost in multiple pages or forgetful during page turns helps me pinpoint errors more quickly.

As for the paper itself, I am completely in love with the Maruman paper. It's silky smooth and thick enough for regular fountain pen use, or it can take the abuse of having to draw graphs with precision (or in my case with multiple erasures to make it precise). The off-white color is easy on the eyes as well. I have enough headaches from doing complex math all the time. I don't need to make that worse from eye-strain.
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Love this for adding...
August 17, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love this for adding graphs or sketches to my notes, wish it came in A5 size as well.