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I ordered this not knowing...
June 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
I ordered this not knowing what to expect given the lack of reviews. Based on how great the Maruman Mnemosyne notebook paper is, I figured this would be on the same level. The price also seemed to indicate really high quality.

When I examined the sketchbook (it's really more of a pad than a book) I noticed that it's not much more than semi-transparent vellum paper with a very light grey grid on it. The paper is neutral white with a slight tooth and it's very thin. The paper is also super sensitive to heat and warps easily when you rest your hand on it.

It's not bad paper, but the price is way off the mark of what it should be. There are other papers out there that offer superior drawing characteristics, durability, and resistance to heat that don't cost half as much. The pad itself is also very fragile.

Not sure why these pads are priced so high, but I don't see anything about this paper to warrant the cost. Not recommended.
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