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  These pens draw wonderfully,..., July 19, 2011
These pens draw wonderfully, the price is great, and they are a lot of fun to work with. However, when I was going back through a sketchbook recently, I found that the lines I had drawn with the LePens had started discoloring the back sides of pages, and fading on the fronts. It is a fairly standard sketchbook, in which I have used any number of other pens and markers with good results, and the drawings in question were less than three months old. They claim the ink is acid free, but it was most certainly having some sort of a reaction with this paper. Perhaps these would be good for quick, just for fun drawings, but I am now hesitant to use it on anything I mean to archive or sell.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I love this pen. Super..., December 5, 2012
By hen...
I love this pen. Super minimal design lays down a nice black line , and the tip is very durable. The ink lasts a long time. That being said the ink fades badly over time, turns from black to a dark brown. I enjoy sketching with this pen, but if I do not use it for important work because it fades. This pen is in my pocket more of the time than any other.
  I love this pen and wis..., December 11, 2013
By ngr...
I love this pen and wis I had bought more. It is thin writing but still bold and smooth. The casing is very thin and lightweight. It is a pleasure to write with.
  Love this little pen...., October 3, 2013
By c.d...
Love this little pen. For the cost it writes wonderfully and drawing/sketching with it is consistent and fluid. It is the perfect size to always have with you. This is a must have for any felt tip enthusiast.
  I love my LePen! I..., April 25, 2012
By mov...
I love my LePen!

I have been using this to line my drawings and it has put the similar Stablio Point 88 Fineliner in black to shame.

This has a wonderful, deep black color to it and the tip has withstood my rather vigorous drawing. I have been using it in a Rhodia notebook and a Moleskin Cahier and I am pleased with the performance of this pen in both instances.

I will definitely buy more when I need them and I will definitely look at some additional colors when I do so!

The price is excellent for what you are getting.
  This is my favorite pen..., February 24, 2012
By cam...
This is my favorite pen in my pencil box. The body of the pen is so lightweight, and combined with the cap is still small enough to fit in my pocket. I love how thin the whole body is, and yet it fits so much ink. I have written with it every day for months and it still has not run out of ink. The tip is so precise, and the fine tip writes smoothly. And the black ink is bold. My only complaint is that the ink does take a while to dry, so when you write you have to be careful not to cover your writing with your hand; This will cause the ink to smudge. Overall this is such a great pen, I think that everybody should have one of these in their pencil box.