Marvy Le Pen Technical Drawing Pen - 0.03 mm - Black

Marvy Le Pen Technical Drawing Pen - 0.03 mm - Black

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Marvy's Le Pen Technical Drawing Pen has pigmented black ink that resists bleed-through and is permanent when dry. It is excellent for manga, anime, and other comic artwork, and anything else that requires black outlining or brush strokes. Tip sizes range from an extremely fine 0.03 mm to a medium 0.8 mm, and a brush tip is available as well.

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What an amazing pen!...
March 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
What an amazing pen! It writes so small and precisely that you almost CAN'T make a mistake with it.

Unlike the Copic Multiliner there is no nib or ink cartridge to replace - while that might make one think it is of lesser sophistication, let me assure you it's not. I'll admit I thought "Marvy LePen? PLEASE. Sakura Microns own this scene." but you know what? Definitely on the same level, this clean little pen.

And what's else is that Sakura doesn't even OFFER a .03 and they've been in the business forever! Ponder that when you wonder what company you should side with! : )
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tom omahony
This is my "eyelash drawing"...
November 20, 2012
This is my "eyelash drawing" pencil. It writes so small it isn't even funny. Also, to make the pen even better, the nib won't smush and break despite it's size. This is one of my new favorite pens!
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I love how small the...
June 1, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love how small the point is! The only downside was that the ink ran out after a couple drawings for me.
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I've been on a search...
January 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
I've been on a search for the finest tip pen I could find to replace a discontinued favorite of mine, and while this pen isn't quite as thin, it really is very, very thin. I think this is the second best compared to my discontinued pen, which would say a lot, because the discontinued pen is really quite unfair in that it was extremely fine. This pen is just the tiniest bit bigger, so basically: super thin.

If you require a very black, very thin pen, I definitely recommend this to you. And even if you don't, I still recommend this to you. It's a pleasure to write with, and produces a smooth, thin line that I love. Doesn't skip or feel dry. It is a true black, not dark grey. Not a particularly pretty pen, but that's second to performance, and the performance is an A+.

I don't know why you're interested in this pen and considering it, but I do think that whatever you need it for, you'll probably be happy with it. It is a very nice pen all around, and I have absolutely no complaints.
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I have seldom found drawing...
June 21, 2016
Verified Purchase
I have seldom found drawing tools that consistently perform as reliably and neatly as this particular one, particularly where a continuous very fine line is required. While these tools may not last forever, I have yet to dispose of any such pen for lack of writing fluid, and still have all the pens that I have previously ordered. Furthermore, the pen points have not "mushed down" nor receded unaccountably into the pen barrels, despite repeated use. I have read the rather negative reviews of some customers who have accused themselves of being a bit "ham-fisted" when it comes to using such comparatively delicate drawing tools on a regular basis, and this with less than optimal results. I myself have a rather light touch and a need for pens that produce a very fine line for posting small text and figures for various continuing personal records that I must keep. Yet, I have found that with a bit of diligent practice, just about anyone can develop a lighter touch when using these fine tools. As for the writing fluid in this brand of pen, I have found that it occasions little if any "bleed through" or smudging, even on the finest India paper of a sturdily bound Bible. In this latter context, these pens are ideal for writing marginal notes in rather limited spaces, the notes and figures thus produced coming out consistently neat and legible. For an essentially "throw-away-when-fully-used" writing tool, at its going price, it is certainly difficult to equal, let well alone surpass!
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