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What a fantastic stapler!...
September 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
What a fantastic stapler! This stapler will staple through 40 pages. I have purchased staplers that were hundreds of dollars that didn't do that. This one is worth your time.
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Worth every penny! The...
August 5, 2012
Verified Purchase
Worth every penny! The rich purple colour is scrumptious! And it's a flat clinch stapler, not something you find just anywhere. Once you start using flat clinch staplers, you wonder how you managed without them. Stapled documents lie much flatter and they don't catch and snag on the protruding staple backs.

I've been using the mini staple Max staplers for years (Jetpens, please add the HD10-FL mini staple version!) and love them because they require so little effort AND they clinch the staples flat.

The only complaints that I have had are that the small staplers do get defeated by thick wads of paper, and there are very few sources for them. I've bought mine from coin shops because apparently the mini flat clinch staples work well on coin mounts. The mini version is very light and compact.

This new Vaimo 11 stapler is fantastic! It picks up where the little ones leave off and handles those wads of paper
that I've had to fasten with conventional staplers. One gets very spoiled by the low effort and smooth action of
the Max staplers with their ergonomic design. They are also surprisingly durable and have held up very well for me over years of heavy use. The Vaimo 11 has the same nicely finished construction and nice finish as my older Max staplers, but it is a good bit larger and heavier - as befits its heavier duty function. It's still definitely a compact stapler, smaller than a lot of ordinary office staplers. It feels very solid and substantial in the hand. Like the small version, it's meant to be a hand stapler, but it can be used as a desk stapler as well.

I hope Jetpens will carry these wonderful staplers as a regular item.
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