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Max Sakuri Stitcher Staple-Less Stapler - Light Green - MAX HPS-5-LG
This stapler is nice and lightweight and perfect for when you want to fasten a few pieces of paper together with something that has more hold than a paper clip, yet when using a traditional stapler seems like a waste of metal.

I first saw something that was stapled with a staple-less stapler from a different product (probably not one sold on JetPens) with a punch design that looked like it "locked"- the design looked like a keyhole, rather than the simple rounded tab that this punch makes. It's somewhat hard to describe, but I felt that that other design was more secure than this one.

However, the advantage to this design is that if you need to separate what you've stapled, undoing the punch is very simple.

About Max

Founded in 1942, Max Ltd. produces a wide array of office and industrial equipment. It has branches all over Japan, but is headquartered in Tokyo.