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Max Sakuri Stitcher Staple-Less Stapler - Light Green - MAX HPS-5-LG
This is fantastic, and I don't get why they aren't more popular in the West.

This contraption staples the paper by punching two little nubs in the paper, and laying them one atop the other in a "stitch". It's super clever, and you can undo it to.

The one drawback is that it doesn't work with more than 6-8 pages or so. But if you're printing more than that, then you probably want the extra strength of staples anyways. I mostly print research papers, which are rarely more than 8 pages. For this, I absolutely love this device - using it means that there's one less thing in life I need to consume (staples), which is always nice.

If you do anything with paper in your life, get this.

About Max

Founded in 1942, Max Ltd. produces a wide array of office and industrial equipment. It has branches all over Japan, but is headquartered in Tokyo.