Memopit Index Label - Pinky Flower - 13 mm X 91mm - Set of 3

Memopit Index Label - Pinky Flower - 13 mm X 91mm - Set of 3

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Set includes three Memopit label strips with Pinky Flower design.

Memopit labels are reusable, non-permanent adhesives that come in handy when you want to hang your photos or memos without using push pins, magnets or double sided tape. You can easily remove them without damaging a paper or wall surface, and they are designed to be reused and removed time and time again! Whenever the Memopit labels get dirty, simply wash them to rejuvenate the adhesive.

Manufacturer warnings:

- The adhesive might be too strong at first, and you can adjust the strength by using it repeatedly.

- Labels will last approximately 6 months under normal use and care.

- Do not attach the printed side of a paper to the adhesive side of label.

- Do not use the label to hold heavy or valuable items.

- Peel thin papers off slowly, as they might tear when removed too quickly.

- Suggested weight is one piece of A4 (8.3" X 11.7") size paper.

- If used for a long period of time, the label may leave a mark.

- When exposed to direct sunlight, color of label may change.

- Due to small parts, please keep away from small children.

- May not work well on porous or uneven surface (ex. wall paper or cloth etc).

How to Use:

1) Clean the surface that you want to attach to and remove a Memopit label from the base paper.

2) Affix it where you like without removing the protective film from the front. (Keep the film on the label.)

3) After you confirm that the Memopit is stable and secure, remove the film.

4) Attach something like a memo, message note, or post card, etc!

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