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Hate to do this to the...
October 4, 2011
Verified Purchase
Hate to do this to the Ojue Lunch Box.

Ever since it first appeared on JetPens, I've been wanting this thing really badly. I like Metaphys products, and I thought that this would be perfect for the kinds of bags that I carry.

For what it is, it works. It holds food, and it fits in messenger bags and backpacks without being too intrusive. But it leaks smell, and this is something I have a bit of an issue with. Even when I wrap the top of each layer with food wrap before stacking, the smell gets into my bag. I mean, this is an Asian product, so I'm sure this was meant to house Asian foods, which are often a little on the smelly side.

This thing is nifty, but it's not worth the $46 I paid for it.
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HAHA. This thing is great....
June 12, 2010
HAHA. This thing is great. It'll certainly help lower portion sizes. One, this will not hold a copious amount of food like fat lunch boxes, and two I can't possibly afford to buy a second lunch box. LOL (^ 0 ^),
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i just got this yesterday...
December 30, 2011
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i just got this yesterday and its the best thing eveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im so exited ii want to use it even when im at home where there is no necesity to use it, it is that great. thanks jetpens and thanks metaphys im so exited
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