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I think this product...
May 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
I think this product deserves a review from someone who actually purchased it.

The Box: The reason I bought this was because of its vertical design and the color. I love it! The design makes me want to go out and buy a messenger bag. Ha! It doesn't seem to be 100% leakproof however. Seems sturdy, but I'm afraid of dropping it still.

The Chopsticks: I absolutely love these! I was suprised at how well made these are. They have a little weight to them compared to my regular plastic chopsticks I own.

The Strap: The black thing on there is actually made of rubber and holds well. (I think if I ever lose the strap, it wouldnt be a big deal, I'd just make my own somehow.)

How I use it: I bring this box to work mainly, and I usually leave the middle compartment out since I'm not a big eatter at work. I wrap it with a furoshiki for added cuteness. ^.^ I'm a beginner with making bentos so I just put whatever fits! :)

What I don't like: 1) I have to be careful when putting on the strap (when using all sections) I'm always worried it would come apart on me lol. 2) Not leak proof. 3) The price.

What I like: It's a cool looking box...and very practical. I like that I can use all or just one compartment depending on my appetite. I love love love the color.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this purchase!
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I really like it clean...
August 27, 2010
I really like it clean design and elegance, I like that you can take few separate dishes with you. I hope it is not leaking. I will get it in future for sure. Please, include more of interesting and useful things like this. Thank you.
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Because it's related...
August 21, 2010
Because it's related to office-life. duh.
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