Midori Grain Memo Pad - 5" x 3" - Lined and Plain - 100 Sheets - Dark Brown

Midori Grain Memo Pad - 5" x 3" - Lined and Plain - 100 Sheets - Dark Brown

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The Midori Grain memo pad is the beautifully crafted product of a collaboration between Spain and Japan. Recycled leather is sourced from workshops in Spain, and crafted in Japan into durable covers. The natural cowhide fibers provide rich color and texture, and are rub-resistant and colorfast.

Inside each memo pad, there are two types of paper: 50 sheets of lined white paper, and 50 sheets of blank cream-colored paper. In the lined section, brown lines are printed on both sides of the page. Every fifth line is bold, dividing each page into four sections. There are endless possibilities for this unique layout. You can plan your schedule using one page per month (each section is a week), or two pages per week (seven sections for the days plus one section for notes), or categorize your to-do's into neat sections.

Writing on the front and back of each sheet is easy, because the twin ring binding keeps your memo pad laying flat. Rounded corners keep the pad from catching as you slip it into your pocket or bag, while a brown elastic band holds the entire memo book together securely.

Model NumberMIDORI 11799-006
Weight3.6 ounces
Binding Twin Ring
Features Fountain Pen Friendly
Line Spacing 5 mm
Number of Lines 20
Number of Sheets 100
Perforated No
Sheet Style Lined, Blank
Size - Depth 1.3 cm
Size - Length 12.7 cm
Size - Width 7.6 cm
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Love this notebook. ...
February 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
Love this notebook. The front I load up with notes and the plain pages in the back have sketches and diagrams. The cardboard and leather are nice and sturdy. Do they make this in full size note books sizes? If so I may need to order a case. I would prefer a dot grid instead of the lines but otherwise a great notebook.
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Hands-down the best pad...
March 24, 2014
Hands-down the best pad of this type I've ever used--and easily worth eight bucks. Midori doesn't fool around.

The two different types of paper (lined & blank) is a terrific idea. The two different colors (white for the lined & cream for the blank) is terrific idea #2. I personally like the bold-5th-line scheme, too. And, it's "tactilely" perfect, in my opinion. It just FEELS right. It's fat--you get 50 sheets of each type of paper. The Midori paper is excellent, too, as you would expect. Yes, the "grain" (recycled leather) makes a nice cover for the top/front, but both the front and back are backed by a second cardboard "board," which gives both front and back a nice solid feel and a firm, stiff backing for writing-while-holding-in-your-hand. This might be the second thing you notice--after the "Grain" cover. The next step would've probably been two slabs of wood.

The double rings are made of fat (surely squash-resistant) wire and will *never* give you any trouble--there's no wire hanging out anywhere to "snag" on anything. What I liked MOST is that they seem to have gotten the ring size (~18mm), number of leaves, and the hole sizes and spacing just PERFECT. This is the "tactile" thing I was talking about. The pages will always flip over and lay flat, perfectly. No horsing around at the binding. Ever. The DOUBLE elastic band holding it closed is just icing on the cake. Just a pleasure to use.

I'll decide for you: get one of each color, and give one away to a friend/partner.

OK, I dug and dug, and found *one* thing some folks might dislike. The sheets are NOT micro-perfed. But I guarantee you'll do no damage to the sturdy rings by just ripping pages out.
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I really enjoy this product....
January 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
I really enjoy this product. The quality of the covers and rings are great, so I anticipate they will hold up well during the life of the product. The paper is also of good quality, not showing through the back side when I write with my Hi-Tec-C Coleto multi pen or my Copic Multiliner Sp. I also like that it has both lined and blank pages. It's a great size and easily fits in my coat pocket.
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Beautiful notebook. Fountain...
September 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
Beautiful notebook.

Fountain pens write beautifully on the paper in this little notebok

I love this notebook!...
June 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this notebook! I want to say that up front. The size fits perfectly in the pouch in my purse and the elastic band keeps the book closed so the paper doesn't rip or get wrinkled. Speaking of the paper, it is terrific. I use a uni-ball Signo 0.28 pen and love the way this paper takes the ink. I've also used my Pilot Coleto N pen and the ink does not bleed through. If that wasn't enough the rings don't have that pesky end of the wire hanging out one side so it doesn't catch on my clothes or rip my fingers. I'm very tough on my notebooks. I wouldn't normally pay this amount for a notebook but after using it, it is well worth the money. A definite buy!