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Not a bad mechanical...
June 13, 2014
Not a bad mechanical pencil to match with your notebook but it is very specific built for Moleskine products. Its a little on the pricier side and the lack of a 0.5mm version has me quite disappointed. The rectangular body actually gives a good gripping surface without making it feel too bulky. The plastic body actually feels decent with a slight textured surface. I find the lead advancing mechanism a little on the spongy and cheap side. It doesn't have a crisp feel that other mechanical or drafting pencils of equivalent price point have to offer. Its a very nifty and minimalistic mechanical pencil but not exactly a recommended pencil for every day use.
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Definitely way overpriced...
July 15, 2014
Definitely way overpriced for an all plastic pen. The advance mechanism broke within a couple weeks rendering the pen unusable. For the price just about any other pen is a better deal.
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