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I bought this based on...
January 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought this based on what the other reviewer said. His Kline must be a mini-; my Kline will not fit in this Moleskin. It is too short vertically to easily accommodate many of my pens/pencils, rulers, journals, etc. The packaging states that this Moleskin case fits into a larger
Moleskin bag. It has a very stiff back with 2 Velcro strips attached. Maybe it would be useful there. For my needs, though, it strikes out. I may send it back if I decide that the refund after paying return postage is worth the trouble. Otherwise, it's in the charity pile.
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Every Day Carry! I have...
January 8, 2013
Verified Purchase
Every Day Carry!
I have a leather Klein tool pouch. I use it to keep my junk from spreading-out all over the place.
Inside this case are the following;
A Lowepro point-n-shoot camera case, a Rite-In-The-Rain 3x5 card wallet, a small Pelle Leather Journal, one Filed Notes memo book and a medium Moleskine Multipurpose Case.
Why did I tell you all that.
My reason is that all these things are about the same "size" and they cooperate together very well.
The Moleskine case is just flexible enough to get along with the journal and notebook while providing a shape that holds a bunch of pens and other stuff. There are almost too many things in my Moleskine case to list... but I will anyway :)
An Empire Tools 100mm/4" slide caliper
A Pentel Clic Eraser
One small paint brush for chasing dust away from the screen of my phone
A Pilot Pocket brush pen
A touch screen/ball point pen (from Jetpens)
One Uni-ball Pure Malt
A Dr. Grip 4+1
A Tombow highlighter
A Pilot "Down Force"
A "Pilot's Pen" from Amazon. It's a ball point with a flashlight at the writing end.
One green Stad Compass with a mechanical pencil
And last and probably my favorite, and E+M Move pencil!

All this stuff fits in the Moleskine case without any damage to the pens/tools or case.
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phil drummond
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