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This multipurpose polyurethane case is suitable for carrying pens, pencils, jewelry, and other small items. Crafted from matte polyurethane, it has an elastic closure and velour lining. The rectangular design is certainly fresh and unique! Use this case to keep your small items stylishly stored while travelling.

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An attractive small case,...
January 25, 2014
An attractive small case, with emphasis on the small. Be aware that this was designed as a case for reading glasses (like another reviewer says, it comes with instructions for moleskine's reading glasses), and so is sized for reading glasses. Moleskine does market it as suitable for carrying pens and pencils, but that is not entirely true.

It is SHORT. JetPens has the length as 15 cm, useable interior length is probably about 14.7 cm. That makes the case just barely pen/pencil length, which means some fit and some don't. To give you an idea: Like others have said, new wooden pencils will be too long. A standard stick ballpoint pen with a cap is too long. Stabilo pens are way too long. A standard BIC mechanical pencil with an eraser won't fit unless you push down the top (like you're clicking for more lead), which puts stress on the ends of the case, which I really don't think the case can handle. A few of the pens I tried touch at both ends, and I think having several pens that long in there would put too much stress on it over time.

The back side (the side with the lid) isn't glued on or anything. It sits firmly against the case, but if you put a little pressure on it it comes away a bit. This sounds weirder than it is. I do wish it was sturdier but I expect it to hold up ok, as long as I don't put stress on the ends... So I won't be carrying any pens that touch on both sides. Pay attention to how long your favorite pens and pencils are before you buy, and don't expect to be able to cram almost-fitting things in.

All that being said, I'm fairly happy with the case. I bought it primarily because I wanted something to carry my rotring 600 in to protect the tip. The tip sits only a few mm from the end, which is really kind of nice because it won't be banging around much. I wanted something small to only carry my every day note-taking kit: the pencil, a few erasers, lead, and a red stabilo fineliner. I'm pretty disappointed that I can't fit the stabilo, but at least the pencil's tip is protected.

One last thing: the case arrived with two scuffed corners—the black had been scuffed away to show white fabric underneath. They were small spots, so instead of bothering with a return I just colored it in with a black marker. It's no longer noticeable unless you're looking, but does not bode well for its durability in a backpack.
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It's good, just don't...
November 11, 2013
It's good, just don't put too much stuff in it as the ends may start bending out, keep in mind how long it is. It's just a bit under 15cm which means Microns fit and so does my Graphgear500 but Copic Sketch markers do not. Also as pointed out before, wood pencils wont fit if they are new.

I've had mine now almost a year and it's held up well, there are some dents and scratches, but it's not falling apart yet and I'm relatively brutal with it.
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This case is well made...
September 8, 2012
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This case is well made and has that "decent" feeling of a moleskine notebook. But it's just super small. It fits one lamy safari fountain pen, and two moleskine roller pens...that's pretty much it. I hope the outside surface won't get scratched if I throw it in my backpack... one weird thing is I got a instruction manual coming with this for moleskine reading glasses??
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I was looking for a rigid,...
June 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
I was looking for a rigid, nonleather pen case for a good, expensive Pelikan. I found this one after almost giving up that such a critter could be found. It fits the Pelikan 600 series pens and is nicely lined to prevent scratching. I have been throwning it in my backpack for several weeks and am very happy with how it is holding up. I'd definitely buy this item again.
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Very nice small case...
June 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
Very nice small case that stays shut. Useful, functional, cool-looking.