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Hate it. Never a smooth...
April 30, 2014
Verified Purchase
Hate it. Never a smooth line (bought a couple), and pretty scratchy/choppy on paper. Go with Signo Uniball. You'll love that pen.
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I use these for filling...
January 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
I use these for filling required forms that use incredibly small spaces for the information. You know the forms-the ones that someone decided to use excel spreadsheets for and are actually scaled from the onscreen spreadsheet. The tip on this allows me to get the characters I am writing legible and clean.
I really like the needle...
September 11, 2014
I really like the needle tip and the balance of width, length and weight. However, the biggest con, and the reason this isn't a 5 is the scratchy nature of the writing experience. The reason I am not giving this pen a lower score is that I'm mainly a printer, and the short strokes I use to form letters are not as negatively impacted as would be in script. I would order this pen again, even though for a scratchy pen, I think the price is perhaps too high a price point. I must disagree with the recommendation of the Uniball Signo over this pen, as that experience is completely different (apples to oranges), and I haven't drank the Uniball Signo Kool-Aid (though I have tried and tried). I am still debating giving this pen a four, but I went back in writing this review, and indeed, the scratchy nature (though not necessarily skipping) really precludes this from being a four. I wish I could give it a 3.75..... :)
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