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I've paid significantly...
September 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've paid significantly more than this for fountain pens, but $80 for a rollerball seemed extravagant. I talked myself into it because of the special available when I got it, a $12.50 bottle of black Monteverde ink was included. Also, I wanted one rollerball that would be easy to use with bottled ink, to give me a bit more choice.

It does work quite well, although possibly not with all inks. The first that I tried was Noodler's Bad Green Gator; the pen was writing very dry and showing a tendency to clog. I flushed it out thoroughly and refilled it with Waterman Tender Purple, which is working much better. Monteverde makes their own inks which supposedly will insure a smooth flow, but I didn't want to use the basic black that was included with it right now, or to buy their other colors while I still have plenty of ink to use up.

This is a smooth writer, not smoother than several types of gel pens that I've used, but certainly as good, and again there's that choice of ink colors. The tip seems to be about a medium, so if you want a fine line this would not be the best, but it suits me. It's a bit longer and heavier than I expected, it's comfortable to write with, but not particularly shirt pocket friendly on the basis of size, even if there were not the potential leakage problem that I've seen mentioned in other reviews. I do have pen cases.

It's reasonably attractive, with what looks like laminated carbon fiber, and with the maker's logo not too intrusive. Seems solidly built and likely to be reliable, although every now and then the pushbutton mechanism doesn't catch on the very first try.

On the whole, I won't say this provides a better writing experience than gel rollerballs costing much less, but if you can afford a bit extra up front, the filling system may provide the incentive, and refilling with bottled ink should be less expensive over the long run than buying new gel cartridges.
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The weight of this pens...
March 4, 2013
Verified Purchase
The weight of this pens is fantastic. The feel is wonderful. Been using it for a day...filling a ball point is fun and provides a great line on most of the papers I have written on. Do not put this in your shirt it will put a spot of ink on it if you're not careful. Pen case this baby and you'll be very happy...it's my new go to pen!
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