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Monteverde Mini Fountain Pen Converter


Monteverde Mini Fountain Pen Converter - MONTEVERDE MV31072
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This Monteverde fountain pen converter fits most fountain pens that accept short international ink cartridges.

Dimensions: 2.2 inches extended, 1.6 inches retracted (5.6 cm extended, 4.0 cm retracted).

Note: Does not fit Kaweco Sport pens.


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Total Price: $11.25
This item: Monteverde Mini Fountain Pen Converter - $2.50

Model NumberMONTEVERDE MV31072
Shipping Weight0.05 oz

3 people found this helpful
  An excellent, handy converter..., July 17, 2013
By red... - See all my reviews
An excellent, handy converter that will work in many "cartridge-only" type fountain pens. It works in early versions of the Kaweco Sport fountain pens and it's an alternative to the Kaweco aerometric, squeeze converter for these older pens. Please see my reviews of the Kaweco "squeeze" converter.

Besides using it to fill your pen with bottled ink, this mini-piston converter can be used to clean and flush many small, cartridge-only, fountain pens. Some pens may not have enough space in the barrel for this converter, but the converter will still fit properly on the feed nipple. I have found this converter to be very useful for flushing the nib and feed of several "cartridge-only" fountain pens.

Simply fill a glass with tap water, insert the converter into the feed nipple, as you would an ink cartridge, immerse the nib in the water and pump the piston several times until the water comes out clear. Shake out excess water from the nib and feed and let the nib unit dry before inserting a new cartridge. Cleaning your pen like this will insure that it will continue to work properly.

3 people found this helpful
  I ordered this converter..., March 8, 2013
By car... - See all my reviews
I ordered this converter for its size. I knew going in that this would not be the highest quality converter. I have a Retro 51 fountain pen that officially only takes small international cartridges. I figured for the price, it was worth a shot to try this converter - and it worked! Not perfectly though. For example: 1) The fit is not very tight, so it wobbles a bit. 2) After filling the ink fully and replacing the barrel, the plunger goes down a bit, so you don't get the full amount of ink. In the end, it writes very nicely. The ink started immediately and doesn't skip. I'm using Pelikan Brilliant Brown. I've had no problems with blotches, leaks or spills. So, I'm happy.

I like to use bottled inks. For me, it's part of the fountain pen experience, so although this is not a perfect solution, it's a nice option.
  Can't fairly rate this..., September 3, 2014
By edp... - See all my reviews
Can't fairly rate this item because it didn't fit in my Bexley Jitterbug. This is a plunger-type converter, so it's nearly double in length when filled.