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  There are some very good..., January 10, 2013
There are some very good things about this pen and some things that I feel need to be improved.
Pros: The pen is small and lightweight, yet sturdy and writes well. There was no "priming" by scratching a piece of paper with it for ages; it wrote perfectly right out of the package. I am usually disappointed by such small pens, but it was just thick and long enough for me to write with (albeit I have small hands). The twist function will not open by itself, and has a smooth action to it.
Cons: The clip, the stylus, and the price are my main gripes. The clip is extremely tight, perhaps due to its small size. It actually tore a couple stitches in my jeans pocket when I removed it slowly. I need a more pocket-friendly clip for an EDC pen like this one. The capacitive stylus is a mixed package. You have to apply ample pressure in order for the screen sensors to activate - it doesn't work on a light touch like with your fingers. Sliding and drawing things on a screen is fine, but tapping things requires way too much force to be practical. I wound up being less accurate than when using my fingers due to the stabbing required to use the stylus. Finally, at $10, I think it is too expensive considering its flawed functionality. Yes, the construction is excellent, but the poor clip and stylus defeat its purpose: an EDC pen which can double as a stylus for your capacitive touch screen devices.