Monteverde Soft Roll Ballpoint Pen Refill - D1 - 0.7 mm - Black - Pack of 4

Monteverde Soft Roll Ballpoint Pen Refill - D1 - 0.7 mm - Black - Pack of 4

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Pack of four D1 size 0.7 mm Black ballpoint ink refills from Monteverde. Fits inside multi pens and compact pens that accept D1 size refills.

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It is worth noting that...
August 2, 2016
It is worth noting that this refill uses standard semi-solid BALLPOINT ink (not a gel or hybrid type.)

I used to buy Uni Jetstream SXR-80-10 refills and just cut them to size to fit my mini-pen, until Uni came out with the SXR-200-07 D1 sized refill. It's great, but you'll go through its hybrid ink extremely fast. I decided to try out various ballpoint ink refills. I've tried: Cross, Dupont, Lamy, Schmidt, and more. Monteverde was the surprising winner, consistently giving the smoothest feel and the most consistent line with the least skips.

There's no doubt that D1 refills with gel ink (like Zebra JSB and ESB) or hybrid ink like (Platinum or Uni) give the smoothest experience with a darker more consistent line - and of these my personal preference is Uni (with Zebra a very close second) - HOWEVER you will go through ink like it's going out of style. Among D1 refills using a true semi-solid (standard ballpoint) ink, Monteverde is head and shoulders above the rest in my book.
Writes smoothly, but...
May 31, 2016
Verified Purchase
Writes smoothly, but the color is too light for me. I like a dark black.
Not as good as other...
January 9, 2015
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Not as good as other refills.

Personal preference:
Best: JSB
Second best: ESB and Jetstream
OK: Sharbo X D1 and Plantinum D1

This is the worst among the above according to my personal test. Line is not consistent.
These are for a gift...
December 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
These are for a gift specifically, but I received a Monteverde with this refill in it and it is the only ballpoint refill I truly enjoy. A lot of ballpoints feel as though they scratch the paper. This refill, being called Soft Roll, speaks true to its name and I couldn't be more surprised by how much I like it. Certainly an acceptable substitute to my gel pen obsession.